The End of Time

Has been predicted many alarming consequences about the fate of the Earth, at the same time that the system operates as if all was well. More frightening is to realize that, think what you think, none is doing anything about it.

Something could fall on the Earth, or explode, or whatever, and we simply die with the event in a collective and total way.

 You can, naturally, die individually without any relationship with some catastrophe.

 You can die inclusive if  minor or isolated disasters affects only a portion of the land and erase residents.

You may live if not happen anything and we continue with our course in either of the two directions: keep destroying everything irresponsibly or changing to a more conservationist lifestyle.

 My raise not arises from the fear to the death but of the idea of live 30 years more or reborn after my death, in a planet desolate.

 Many us dare to tell that not us seized for another round in this planet, or that we will release and will avoid that we continue manipulating.

 But carry half a million years doing it… and this only if I am referring to the Annunaki control… I suspect that if the universe was created by an incompetent, we will be much more difficult, if not impossible, to regain our freedom.

 Left me idly has not been, ever, for me, a viable possibility.

 If really are Monads trapped in it matter, not have lost our capacity of create starting from the intention… and, at least until now, we have tested that are capable of create Hells.

 That the planet, right now, burst or is fire or will flood in form total and definitive, not is decision mine, nor is in my hands avoid it.

 But I can DO SOMETHING if life continues in some way. Whether that you save me future catastrophes (including diseases and traffic accidents), who dies in any of them, and then reborn in that troubled land, that is brought to another planet, or any option that I have now in mind; I CAN ALWAYS do something for improving my situation or our situation existential present.

 Although the Gale I take in the middle of the construction of my dream, not leave, by this, of dream.

 Do both effort, for years, to finally not have nothing… or buy a House and a truck… or achieve that the House is more big and luxurious; to find that House or not, we are in a prison and that, when Gale is not fixed at the cost of the property before razing it. And if it never comes, that will not prevent us to invest life working to pay bills and mortgages. And although it never reaches, the day of our death we return the Scriptures…

 We live well now.

 We armemos a system with no mortgages, no accounts, no Government and moving to that system.

 All world civilization is seated on the coasts. Asked where they build their homes the very rich. At the top.

 In general, when you talk about prediction catastrophes, beyond fractures of continents, we talk about earthquakes and tsunamis and high winds and rough seas. The most unsafe planet Strip is all territory that is less than 500 meters above the sea level.

 If there were more wars, they will always be over populated territories.

 A catastrophe involving suspension of supplies (food, water and medicine) mainly affect cities.

 Then… the place is it land located to more than 500 meters on the level of the sea, remote from centers villages, with availability of water drinking natural and food (hunting, fishing, collection and planting)

 Many sites are currently uninhabited. Even in some of them can claim the land without buying it. But, always, you’ll have more chances of success and access to the best properties, if you associate with a group with similar ideas, seeking to withdraw even if their motives are not apocalyptic.

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