Israeli scientists say they may have a cure for cancer within a year

According to a team of Israeli scientists, a cure for cancer could be available within as little as a year. The cure in the form of a family of drugs could be administered to patients and fully cure various types of cancer within a few weeks with no other treatments needed. What’s more, they say that this cure would not adversely affect the body’s immune system or healthy cells, so recovery could be rapid. Ilan… Seguir leyendo

There’s a Massive Rogue Object Wandering Our Cosmic Neighborhood

Researchers have made another fascinating discovery within our cosmic neighborhood. Astronomers have found an eerily mysterious object flying around our cosmic neighborhood, and it has experts intrigued. The object has a mass 12.7 times greater than that of Jupiter, and a surprisingly powerful magnetic field. Even more interesting is that it’s a rogue object not attached to any other object in its vicinity. All of this was found by experts using the Very Large Array… Seguir leyendo