Researchers say alien life may exist while humans live in their ‘galactic zoo’

With thousands of exoplanets confirmed to exist in our universe, the question of “why haven’t we detected alien or extraterrestrial life” still exists. To date, we as humans have yet to make contact with what we would consider alien life. Researchers have called this lack of extraterrestrial contact the “Great Silence.” But, some researchers have a perfectly sound explanation for the silence. According to them, we may just be living in a “galactic zoo” that… Seguir leyendo

Researchers in Moscow have invented a time machine, reversing ‘time’s arrow’

Everything in the universe tends toward decay, according to the second law of thermodynamics. Let’s face it: It’s a real bitch for every living thing, but all of a sudden, that unwavering law seems to have been bypassed, at least for a minuscule moment, by the Russians. Researchers claim to have developed the very first example of what could be a primitive time machine at the atomic level. Doctor Who’s Tardis it isn’t, but could… Seguir leyendo

Billions Of ‘Undetected’ Rogue Exoplanets May Exist Throughout Our Galaxy

Observations of the universe have so far revealed that most alien worlds out there are formed in solar systems similar to ours. Given the fact that there’s a certain ‘rule’ in the placement of our solar system; we have the sun, the inner planets which are rocky, and outer planets which are gaseous, we believe planets elsewhere are also neatly ordered in systems just like outs. However, astronomers have found there’s no such rule, and… Seguir leyendo

Supernovae Show Entire Universe Expands At Same Rate

One of the most fascinating and terrifying concepts in astronomy is the expansion of the universe. And a recent study shows that supernovae can tell us a lot about it. If you’ve never thought about it before, it can be difficult to wrap your head around. Basically, the Big Bang began the universe. And even though it’s called that, it’s better not to think of it as an explosion. Instead, think of it as heat… Seguir leyendo

More than 300,000 new galaxies found by astronomers

Ladies and gents, our universe just got a lot bigger. A team of more than 200 participating astronomers from 18 countries has recently revealed that the Universe has more galaxies than we previously thought. In fact, thanks to the Low-Frequency Array (LOFAR) researchers have found 300,000 radio sources, corresponding to the supermassive black holes in the heart of distant galaxies. LOFAR is a novel low-frequency radio astronomy array that uses a new approach to… Seguir leyendo

NASA announces plans to embark on revolutionary journey

NASA has recently announced it is set to ‘probe’ the universe and search the cosmos for the existence of water and organic molecules. The American Space Agency’s mission will hunt down post-Big-Bang clues and will try and find the presence of water within the Milky Way Galaxy. To probe the cosmos, NASA is set to build an unmanned spacecraft known as the Spectro-Photometer for the History of the Universe, Epoch of Reionization and Ices Explorer,… Seguir leyendo

The Universe Shrunk, And Is Still Expanding At The Same Time — But How?

Recently, scientists figured out that the universe shrunk, even though it appears to be expanding at the same time. To understand this, you need to understand the history of the calculations scientists made almost 100 years ago. Scientists finally figured out that the observable universe is expanding that almost century ago, and about 20 years ago, scientists realized that the observable universe is expanding at a faster rate each day. But the way that they… Seguir leyendo

There’s A Mirror Image Of An Antimatter Universe On The Other Side Of The Big Bang

A recent scientific study has proposed that the universe we live in could be a mirror image of an antimatter universe that extends backward in time, existing before the Big Bang. This is according to scientists from the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics of Canada, who have come up with a new cosmological model that suggests the existence of a so-called “anti-universe” that, together with ours, retains a fundamental rule of physics called CPT Seguir leyendo

Scientists Find Our Sun’s Identical Twin — And It May Have Earth 2.0 Orbiting It

The idea that our sun has a nearly identical twin somewhere in the universe has long been suggested by experts. Image Credit: ipicgr / Pixabay. CC0 Creative Commons Until now, that idea remained just another cosmic theory. Now, an international team of scientists seems to have discovered our Sun’s identical twin, both by age and chemical composition.  And the researchers emphasize that it is not a simple brother, but a solar twin. Even more interesting… Seguir leyendo

New Study Clearly Explains Why Searches For Advanced Alien Life Have Failed So Far

A new study puts into perspective exactly how much of the universe that scientists have been able to search so far for signs of alien life. The research in The Astronomical Journal reveals that humans are just barely getting warmed up in the quest to find out if we have intelligent distant neighbors in the cosmos. Although we may not have found an alien signal or “techno-signature” yet, that is probably because we don’t know… Seguir leyendo

(Video) Elon Musk Smokes Marijuana During Interview; Speaks About Aliens, The Matrix, AI, and the Future

Guess what? We are probably living in a massive, simulated universe created by an advanced Alien Civilization, according to Elon Musk. Tesla and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk, believes it is very likely that we will live in one of many simulated universes created by a more advanced extraterrestrial civilization, as he expressed this Friday in a long conversation of more than two and a half hours with American comedian Joe Rogan, with who drank whiskey… Seguir leyendo