‘El gran hackeo’: un documental revela a quién sirve el espionaje de Facebook (vídeo)

Netflix publicó el primer tráiler de su nuevo documental ‘The Great Hacking’ (el gran hackeo, en español), dedicado al escándalo de Cambridge Analytica, una consultora británica que utilizó los datos de millones de usuarios ofrecidos por Facebook para influir en la opinión pública.En el nuevo documental, dirigido por Karim Amer y Jehane Noujaim, «las partes implicadas cuentan su versión del polémico escándalo de Cambridge Analytica y Facebook». «Las plataformas que surgieron para conectarlos ahora… Seguir leyendo

Pain as a Teacher – Part I

01 Oct Pain as a Teacher – Part I Posted at 13:01h in English by The format we have chosen for this article is a transcription of a previously recorded conversation. Our aim is to expose our reflections and knowledge of yoga  in the most natural and original way. You can find it translated into Spanish in IgersYoga.Nita asks: How do you approach the practice when you have a sharp pain somewhere?… Seguir leyendo


12 Mar WOMENS CIRCLE Posted at 10:22h in Yoga, Yoga by The path of yoga, with its contribution for inner growth and internal reflection, offers us many answers to our searches. However, it seems that women also need a healthy and safe ground to expand, relate and meet part of ourselves feeling stronger and full of love.«In 2009 the Dalia Lama declared in his visit to the World Summit for Peace in… Seguir leyendo


Una investigación periodística realizada por “The Sunday Times” ha destapado un auténtico escándalo: durante más de veinte años un grupo empresarial dirigido por británicos de origen asiático que operaba en Londres, Buckinghamshire, Birmingham y el noroeste de Inglaterra y Escocia estafó a la hacienda británica, a través del fraude en la declaración del iva y el impuesto de beneficios, la astronómica cifra de 8.000 millones de libras. La investigación periodística ha tenido acceso a documentos… Seguir leyendo

El mito del capitalismo estadounidense expuesto: la competencia se está muriendo a medida que las grandes corporaciones se engullan todo

The Myth Of American Capitalism Exposed: Competition Is Dying As The Biggest Corporations Gobble Up EverythingLa competencia vibrante es absolutamente esencial para que un sistema económico capitalista funcione de manera efectiva. Desafortunadamente, en los Estados Unidos hoy estamos presenciando la muerte de la competencia en una industria tras otra a medida que las corporaciones más grandes se engullan cada vez más a todos sus competidores. John D. Rockefeller dijo la famosa frase, una vez… Seguir leyendo

The Rose of Jericho, a Desert Plant Capable of Resurrection

The Rose of Jericho, also known as the resurrection plant has the ability to survive desiccation. Completely different from the traditional rose we know; this plant has a very particular property, it can “come back to life”. When speaking of roses, the beautiful flower of various colors comes to mind. But not all Roses are red…..Violets are blue, Sugar is sweet,And so are you. In the ancient deserts of Arabia and Asia, as… Seguir leyendo

Final Supermoon of the Year Will Coincide with an Asteroid Passing Close to Earth

The third supermoon of the year, known as the ‘Full Worm Moon’ will take place today, March 20 marking the Spring Equinox, the first day of Spring. The March Supermoon is called after Native Americans’ traditions of predicting seasonal changes and is popularly known as the ‘Full Worm Supermoon’. However, it is also referred to as the Crow Moon, Crust Moon, Sap Moon or Sugar Moon. According to astronomers, the moon will appear brightest at… Seguir leyendo

Astronomer predicts ‘halo drive’ will be able to power planet-sized spacecraft travel for free

The problem of how to power spaceships for long journeys into space could have just been solved by an astronomer at Columbia University in New York, David Kipping. His idea: To power spaceships up to the size of whole planets, you can harness the extreme gravitational forces of black holes with a “halo drive,” a boomerang of photons shot from a laser. No more running out of fuel, it’s easy “light sailing” so long as… Seguir leyendo

A mass sacrifice of children took place in Peru to stop bad weather

The largest human sacrifice in history took place thousands of years ago in ancient Peru to appease the gods after a climatic phenomenon. The new study detailing what is considered by experts the largest mass sacrifice discovered to date is the result of six years of excavation work at the site from 2011 to 2016. When the discovery was made, researchers had no idea what could have driven such a dramatic, large-scale human sacrifice.But… Seguir leyendo

NASA Scientists Recreate Origins of Life on Ocean Floor in the Lab with Surprising Results

The answer to the question of how life came into existence remains a scientific mystery to this day. While experts agree on prevailing theories, we are yet to fully understand how life on Earth started, and where it came from. And in an effort to understand as much as possible the origin of life, NASA Astrobiologists turned to their laboratory to answer some of the fundamental questions about life and its origins. Scientists tell us… Seguir leyendo

La Globalización entra en su nueva fase al ralentí: bienvenidos a la ‘Slowbalisation’ #Katecon2006

“The Orb”. “The Globe”. “Globalization”… son todo diferentes acepciones para un mismo concepto: esa globalización que entrelazó (casi) todas las economías del planeta, y que luego fue objeto de las iras de aquel presidente Trump. Él desató esas iras durante la campaña electoral que le llevó finalmente a la Casa Blanca. Sea porque la globalización ya no es lo mismo sin el empuje de Estados Unidos tras la guerra del “aranceles para todos”, sea porque… Seguir leyendo

New images from Mars reveal the red planet’s ancient secrets

The fact that Mars was a planet eerily similar to Earth is no surprise any longer. But just how similar was it to our homeworld? Did the red planet once have oceans, lakes, and rivers? Did it have vegetation? And is it possible that life once existed in the now, barren and dry alien world? Image Credit: ESA/ DLR / FU Berlin. Imagine asking these questions some 30 years ago. Astronomers would have immediately said… Seguir leyendo

There’s officially a new moon in our solar system

The new moon, which has been named after a sea creature from classical mythology, has a diameter of about 34 kilometers, and it orbits Neptune. Although the moon wasn’t recently discovered (it was actually spotted in 2013), only now have researchers revised data and officially named and classified it as a new moon. In the summer of 2013, astronomer Mark Showalter was studying images snapped by the Hubble Space Telescope in the space near Neptune.… Seguir leyendo

Debris-Hunting Satellite Successfully Manages To Capture Space Junk

The RemoveDEBRIS satellite, one of the first attempts to address the accumulation of hazardous space debris, has successfully used its harpoon capture system in orbit and started collecting trash. Space debris has become a massive problem for humans. In fact, the amount of trash currently orbiting our planet is posing a grave threat to future missions to Mars and the moon. According to reports from NASA, there are more than 500,000 pieces of junk currently… Seguir leyendo

China is building a giant solar power plant in space

The Chinese Academy of Space Technology is working on a revolutionary solar plant. But to take advantage of the energy our sun has to offer, China will go to space and try and construct a massive solar power plant that will help the Asian country harness solar energy in space, and then beam it back to Earth. Building a massive solar power plant in space has a number of advantages and has very few limitations.… Seguir leyendo

Chinese satellite snaps new videos and images of Earth and the Moon’s far side

The new footage is courtesy of the Chinese satellite Longjiang-2, which entered lunar orbit in June 2018, and is slowly starting to send information back to Earth, as part of the mission that recently brought China to the far side of the moon for the first time in history.The Longjiang-2 was launched into space along with China’s Queqiao satellite, a communications probe that’s been playing a crucial role for the country’s recent Chang’e-4 lunar… Seguir leyendo

Hundreds of mysterious stone structures found in the Sahara

The fact that we still have not explored our planet entirely blows my mind. Image Credit: Nick Brooks / Joanne Clarke. According to reports, researchers have discovered hundreds of stone structures believed to date back thousands of years in Western Sahara, an area scarcely explored by experts. And it’s not that experts don’t find the area interesting, it’s that Western Sahara is controlled by two different states: Morocco holds about 75 percent of the Western… Seguir leyendo

See This Brilliant Photo Of The Triangulum Galaxy In All Its HD Glory

The newest image that the Hubble Space Telescope put together of the Triangulum galaxy is truly stunning. Displaying the galaxy’s 25 million viewable stars, the HD photograph is only the latest to show us just how beautiful our universe really is. While NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, located in Greenbelt, Maryland, manages the Hubble Space Telescope, the projects are a joint operation conducted by NASA and ESA, the European Space Agency. Image by Hubblesite/Public… Seguir leyendo

Researchers Find The Remnants Of A Lost Ancient Metropolis In Africa

The remnants of a lost ancient city have been discovered by archaeologists in the outskirts of the city of Johannesburg in South Africa. What was once considered nothing more than scattered stone huts, have turned out to be the last surviving evidence of an ancient metropolis — lost in time. The region, covered in dense vegetation doesn’t allow for the eye to see much. And it has been reported that after several decades of studies,… Seguir leyendo

Researchers Discover Fossilized Remains that Rewrite Antarctica’s History

“The more we discover about prehistoric Antarctica, the stranger it is…”Barely the size of an iguana, the fossilized remains of a reptile recently discovered in Antarctica suggests that some 250 million years ago, the icy frozen continent was covered with forests and rivers, and the temperature rarely dropped below zero. The region is thought to have been home to diverse forms of life, including early relatives of the dinosaurs. Meet the Antarctic King… Seguir leyendo

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe ready to make closest approach to the Sun ever

The Parker Solar Probe is ready to smash more cosmic records as it prepares to make its closest ever approach to the sun. The spacecraft’s second closest approach, the perihelion is expected to take place on April 4, 2019. Image: Parker Solar Probe’s position, speed and round-trip light time as of Jan. 28, 2019. Track the spacecraft online. Image Credit: NASA. 161 days have gone by since the Parker Solar Probe was launched into space,… Seguir leyendo

Government Official Supports First Extra-Terrestrial Forms Of Money

The prospects for long-term life on Earth seem to be looking more and more in doubt due to climate change and nuclear war. Meanwhile, President Trump, although an apparent non-believer in climate change, has directed NASA to “enable human expansion across the solar system,” concentrating on manned missions to the moon and mars. It seems mankind may not be able to effectively plan for sustained life on Earth, but trust they are already planning for… Seguir leyendo

NASA Hopes To Get Mars Rover ‘Oppy’ To Live Again And Phone Home

The Mars Rover lovingly called Opportunity might not survive much longer if it is still alive at all. Cut off from contact since June 10, 2018, when dust storms made it impossible for Oppy to phone home, engineers and scientists have tried to contact the rover repeatedly ever since – over 600 times. Now, scientists are putting into action a new plan to contact the 15-year-old rover in the hopes of solving one of three… Seguir leyendo

Scientists were recently observing a region in space located some 450 light years from Earth.

The Rho Ophiuchi is a star-forming region in space. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons. During their observations of a young sun-like star (IRAS16293-2422 B), the researchers discovered the existence of a molecule that may have helped kick start life on Earth. As explained by the research team led by the Queen Mary University of London, this is the first time scientists detected the molecule glycolonitrile in this type of protostar. Scientists made us of the … Seguir leyendo

Did someone punch a hole in the universe?

The Constellation of Orion has fascinated mankind for thousands of years. Nearly all cultures around the globe have myths and folklore connected to this fascinating constellation visible in the night sky. The Egyptians, for example, claimed that their god Osiris came down to Earth from Orion, and some scholars even believe the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids mimicking the stars in the sky. As I have written in previous articles about Orion and the mysterious Seguir leyendo

Something Mysterious Is Happening With Earth’s Magnetic North Pole

Something odd is happening at ‘the top of the world.’According to a recent study, Earth’s Magnetic North Pole has been moving away from Canada towards Siberia, driven mysteriously by the liquid iron that extends into the core of the planet. As noted by scientists, since 2014, the core field has varied in a currently unpredictable manner. Studying the Magnetic North Pole and understanding its variation is of great importance.That’s why scientists will soon meet… Seguir leyendo


En agosto de 1996 se formó el grupo “The New Concepts in Global Tectonics” (NCGT) que es una asociación de científicos especializados en las disciplinas de la tierra que no terminan de estar convencidos con la teoría actualmente aceptada debido a las fallas que esta contiene y que buscan explorar otras posibilidades alternas.A parte de las conferencias, las mesas de discusión y los simposios, su principal instrumento de reflexión ha sido una publicación trimestral… Seguir leyendo

Alien Researcher: ‘They Are Watching Us’

The ancient alien theory (ancient astronaut theory) presupposes that hundreds of thousands of years ago, advanced alien beings visited Earth. Providing us with the necessary technology, they helped our civilization progress through the ages. Proponents of this theory argue that this ‘alien contact’ greatly influenced the development of ancient as well as modern cultures, technologies, and religions, as well as human biology.  And in the last couple of years, the ancient astronaut theory has given… Seguir leyendo

Did President Trump Create The Space Force After Finding Out About UFOs?

The United States Space Force will be trained to fight potential wars in space. The new military branch is set to actively work by 2020. According to novel claims, President Trump may have launched the ‘United States’ Space force after learning about America’s UFO secrets, claims UFO researcher. Nick Pope, former MoD from the UK has argued that it is nearly impossible that President Trump has been kept in the dark when it comes to… Seguir leyendo

Ancient Bone Fragment Shows Man Hunted Woolly Mammoth’s 16,200 Years Ago

The unique 16,200-year-old chest vertebra with what is believed to be a spear wound is set to undergo state-of-the-art tests in search for the truth about the extinction of the giant beast. Image Credit: Tomsk State University Forensic analysis has so far concluded that a Woolly Mammoth’s bone features a hole made by a prehistoric javelin, which suggests what the prehistoric beasts were slain and hunted by our ancestors. Scientists reveal that the depth… Seguir leyendo