El video de Black Eyed Peas «Imma Be / Rock that Body» es una obra maestra de imágenes generadas por computadora de alta tecnología y producción de música digital de última generación. También es otro ejemplo flagrante de la guerra psicológica y el engaño. Imma Be / Rock que Body es uno de los muchos videos que retratan la actualización de seres humanos a un estado super-robots. La constante repetición de este tema… Seguir leyendo

8 Unexplained Archaeological Discoveries That May Have Otherworldly Explanations

Archaeological discoveries are exciting and help contribute to our understanding of various events that have happened in the history of our world. What happens when something is discovered that we cannot explain? These discoveries happen and often leave archaeologists scratching their heads, wondering where these items came from and how they formed. We have put together some of the unexplained archaeological discoveries in the past, and where they are located, so you can start putting… Seguir leyendo

Something on Mars is producing methane, and we don’t know what

In a breakthrough discovery, recently a European orbiter found that Mars produces methane. And if you don’t know the implications of this discovery, you’re not alone. According to the New York Times, scientists working with the European Space Agency’s Mars Express orbiter found methane on the planet in a place called Gale Crater. Furthermore, NASA’s Curiosity rover also detected a rise in methane in the same region for more than two months in the summer… Seguir leyendo

Woman with two mutations has virtually no pain, heals faster, has little fear or anxiety

A middle-aged Scottish woman has two mutations that virtually prevent her from feeling any pain. She can eat the hottest of Scotch bonnet chili peppers whole without the slightest problem. She gave birth and never needed any painkillers, and she is blessed with having extremely low anxiety or feelings of fear. One of her genetic mutations is new to science and could be a potential breakthrough for every person on the planet who experiences chronic… Seguir leyendo

Scientists Find the Remains of the Largest Bear on Earth—It Lived 700,000 Years Ago

Researchers say that they recently discovered fossils that belong to a specimen of the species of Arctotherium Angustidens, considered the most gigantic bear that ever existed. Their closest known relative is the spectacled bear (Tremarctos ornatus). The researchers say that the recently excavated skeletal remains are incredibly well-preserved. The remnants of the gigantic bear were found in San Pedro, Argentina, excavated at a depth of around nine meters.Dr. Leopoldo Soibelzon, a researcher at the… Seguir leyendo

Mammoths are one step closer to being brought back from extinction

A new study recently published in the journal Nature reports that researchers from Japan have managed to successfully ‘restart’ 28,000-year-old cells from Woolly Mammoths implanted in Mice. Scientists took the nuclei from the bone marrow and muscle tissue from a well-preserved woolly mammoth discovered in Siberian permafrost in 2011. They implanted them into several dozen mouse egg cells and discovered evidence of essentials biological processes crucial for cell division to take place. Of the dozens… Seguir leyendo

Flat-Earthers going to Antarctica seeking ‘truth’ about our ‘flat’ Earth

A group of people known as “Flat Earthers” actually believe that the Earth is flat, regardless of what science – or their eyes – tell them. They’ve grown so distrustful of science that they believe that planning and executing an expedition to Antarctica will help them prove that the Earth is indeed flat as they claim. These Flat Earthers believe that Antarctica is indeed where the world “ends.” Apparently, they believe that by sailing around… Seguir leyendo

Scientists say they might have uncovered the rarest of Viking ship graves

Norwegian officials said Sunday that they might have found the burial site of a rare Viking ship using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). Although they did not find an actual ship, what they did find indicates a ship may once have been there, under a burial mound, and later removed. The site is near where scientists previously found other Viking burial mounds, so the likelihood is high that there was a ship grave here at one… Seguir leyendo

Long-lost box with artifacts from King Tut’s tomb found

Experts have recently revealed a box filled with objects that had been recovered a long time ago from King Tut’s Tomb. It contained pieces of a miniature model boat, buried with Pharaoh Tutankhamun. The boat was meant for king Tuts fishing trips in the afterlife, say experts. Image: The newly rediscovered mast and boat pieces belonged to the boat in the foreground, meant for King Tut’s afterlife. Image Credit: Luxor Museum Howard Carter packed the… Seguir leyendo

Billions Of ‘Undetected’ Rogue Exoplanets May Exist Throughout Our Galaxy

Observations of the universe have so far revealed that most alien worlds out there are formed in solar systems similar to ours. Given the fact that there’s a certain ‘rule’ in the placement of our solar system; we have the sun, the inner planets which are rocky, and outer planets which are gaseous, we believe planets elsewhere are also neatly ordered in systems just like outs. However, astronomers have found there’s no such rule, and… Seguir leyendo

Archaeologists find the ‘Elixir of Life’ in an ancient Chinese tomb

A team of archaeologists excavating at the Chinese province of Henan says that a liquid found in a bronze vessel sealed in a tomb of the Western Han dynasty, Luoyang city, is an elixir of immortality, according to the ancient Taoist literature. Up to 3.5 liters of the elixir was found inside the container, which once belonged to a noble family, according to the Chinese news agency Xinhua. At first, the archaeologists thought that the… Seguir leyendo

New images from Mars reveal the red planet’s ancient secrets

The fact that Mars was a planet eerily similar to Earth is no surprise any longer. But just how similar was it to our homeworld? Did the red planet once have oceans, lakes, and rivers? Did it have vegetation? And is it possible that life once existed in the now, barren and dry alien world? Image Credit: ESA/ DLR / FU Berlin. Imagine asking these questions some 30 years ago. Astronomers would have immediately said… Seguir leyendo

Aliens have already visited us, but it’s kept from us due to political and economic interests

Have Aliens really visited mankind? Is it possible, as some theories suggest, that our civilization has been contacted thousands of years ago by beings not from Earth? The idea that aliens are real, that we are visited today, and that advanced alien beings influenced the development of mankind as we know it is something that millions of people around the globe believe. This idea–that aliens are real–is something that has been backed up willingly or… Seguir leyendo

Inner Earth? Scientists find mountains and plains 660 kilometers beneath Earth’s surface

At school, we are thought that Earth is divided into three layers, which are the cortex, the mantle and the nucleus, which in turn is divided into an internal and external nucleus. A basic and accurate scheme, but that nevertheless leaves out other subtler layers that scientists are now beginning to identify in the deep interior of our planet. A team of geologists has detected a previously unknown layer in the middle of the Earth’s… Seguir leyendo

“My battery is low and it’s getting dark”: What one of NASA’s rovers taught us about Mars

Mars is one of the planets in our solar system that humans know most about, and for good reason. The “Red Planet” has been lauded by scientists because of its similarity to Earth. The similarity convinces many that humans may be able to fashion a second home out of it. Especially considering near-apocalyptic warnings about the devastation of climate change, the idea of a possible escape plan seems tantalizing. And nothing has taught us more… Seguir leyendo

Scientists Find the Human Mind is ‘Aware’ as They Identify Patterns of Human Consciousness

In Brief: Researchers identified networks in the brain that are active when humans are conscious. They also successfully identified brain signatures through which they can indicate consciousness, without relying on self-report or the need to as patients to engage in any tasks.A new scientific study has successfully uncovered networks in the human brain that are functioning when the mind is aware and conscious. Throughout our long existence on Earth, humans have evolved from primitive… Seguir leyendo

Bees Can Solve Simple Math Problems New Study Confirms

It turns out that bees don’t just fly from one flower to the other, randomly producing honey. They are able to think and solve simple math problems apt for a four-year-old child. Image Credit: Katja / Pixabay. Last year, a group of scientists from Australia reported that bees have the ‘necessary knowledge’ to understand the meaning of the concept of “zero”. Now, a new study by the same group of researchers further shows how intelligent… Seguir leyendo

Prehistoric Alien Metal Compound That Killed Dinosaurs Could Cure Cancer

We all know the history of the asteroid that slammed into the Earth some 65 million years ago, and that the resulting blast killed off most of the dinosaurs and many other species. But did you know that this asteroid might cure cancer? The initial impact was an extinction level event. We know this because scientists previously found evidence of this asteroid across the Earth in the form of rings in the soil and… Seguir leyendo

Hundreds of mysterious stone structures found in the Sahara

The fact that we still have not explored our planet entirely blows my mind. Image Credit: Nick Brooks / Joanne Clarke. According to reports, researchers have discovered hundreds of stone structures believed to date back thousands of years in Western Sahara, an area scarcely explored by experts. And it’s not that experts don’t find the area interesting, it’s that Western Sahara is controlled by two different states: Morocco holds about 75 percent of the Western… Seguir leyendo

See This Brilliant Photo Of The Triangulum Galaxy In All Its HD Glory

The newest image that the Hubble Space Telescope put together of the Triangulum galaxy is truly stunning. Displaying the galaxy’s 25 million viewable stars, the HD photograph is only the latest to show us just how beautiful our universe really is. While NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, located in Greenbelt, Maryland, manages the Hubble Space Telescope, the projects are a joint operation conducted by NASA and ESA, the European Space Agency. Image by Hubblesite/Public… Seguir leyendo

The Universe Shrunk, And Is Still Expanding At The Same Time — But How?

Recently, scientists figured out that the universe shrunk, even though it appears to be expanding at the same time. To understand this, you need to understand the history of the calculations scientists made almost 100 years ago. Scientists finally figured out that the observable universe is expanding that almost century ago, and about 20 years ago, scientists realized that the observable universe is expanding at a faster rate each day. But the way that they… Seguir leyendo

A Massive Black Hole Located at the Center of the Milky Way is Pointing at Us

In Brief: Astronomers have recently found that radio jets from the supermassive black hole located at the very center of the Milky Way could be pointed almost directly towards the Earth. New observations of the supermassive black hole located at the center of the galaxy Sagittarius A*(around 25,000 light years away from Earth) have revealed fascinating new details. Sagittarius A* is believed to weigh around 4 million solar masses. Its apparent size in the sky… Seguir leyendo

Could Microdosing LSD And Magic Mushrooms Unlock Creativity, Wisdom, And Happiness?

Is the state of the world getting you down? Well, you aren’t alone, considering that at least one in six Americans is taking psychiatric drugs, mostly antidepressants. However, it appears one group of people is feeling more positive, creative, and wise. According to Newsweek, they happen to be people taking micro-doses of psychotropic drugs like… The post Could Microdosing LSD And Magic Mushrooms Unlock Creativity, Wisdom, And Happiness? appeared first on Ancient Code.Seguir leyendo

Our Solar System Could Be Destroyed As Our Galaxy Collides With A Cosmic Neighbor

Image Credit: WikiImages / Pixabay. It’s a collision that can’t be stopped, and no, it’s not Andromeda that will crash into our galaxy. A galaxy is approaching the Milky Way on a collision course in an event that could alter our cosmic neighborhood and send the Solar System into the void of intergalactic space, scientists have warned. The collision could happen sooner than expected. For those of you who ask whether its Andromeda that we… Seguir leyendo

There’s A Mirror Image Of An Antimatter Universe On The Other Side Of The Big Bang

A recent scientific study has proposed that the universe we live in could be a mirror image of an antimatter universe that extends backward in time, existing before the Big Bang. This is according to scientists from the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics of Canada, who have come up with a new cosmological model that suggests the existence of a so-called “anti-universe” that, together with ours, retains a fundamental rule of physics called CPT Seguir leyendo

Archaeologists Uncovered ‘Vampire’ Killed Three Times In Mystery Ancient Ritual

In Brief: British Archaeologists have discovered a ‘Vampire’ skeleton that was speared as many as NINE times after death in an Iron Age + burial site near modern-day Yorkshire. The warrior, aged between 17 and 25, may have been killed as many as three times, say experts. It is considered one of the most bizarre prehistoric human burials ever discovered in th the United Kingdom. Image Credit: BBC. Archeological excavations have revealed two prehistoric human… Seguir leyendo

Alien Researcher: ‘They Are Watching Us’

The ancient alien theory (ancient astronaut theory) presupposes that hundreds of thousands of years ago, advanced alien beings visited Earth. Providing us with the necessary technology, they helped our civilization progress through the ages. Proponents of this theory argue that this ‘alien contact’ greatly influenced the development of ancient as well as modern cultures, technologies, and religions, as well as human biology.  And in the last couple of years, the ancient astronaut theory has given… Seguir leyendo

Amazing Fossil Find Shows That Pterosaurs Had Something In Common With Dinosaurs And Birds

China is a land of spectacular fossil finds that included some of the first feathered dinosaurs ever discovered. Now, paleontologists have unearthed fascinating a pair of fossils showing feathers on creatures that we never knew had them: pterosaurs. And it looks for all practical purposes that pterosaurs, like their dinosaur counterparts, had feathers to help provide warmth, NewScientist reports. But scientists are especially excited about this because it means feathers evolved much earlier than previously… Seguir leyendo

MIT Researchers Just Invented Method Of Shrinking Objects Down By One 1,000th

MIT researches made an announcement this month that sounds like something out of the 1989 movie, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. The researches have invented a new process called “implosion fabrication,” that can shrink objects to one 1,000th of their original size.“People have been trying to invent better equipment to make smaller nanomaterials for years,” said neurotechnology professor Edward Boyden, the lead researcher, in a statement. “There are all kinds of things you… Seguir leyendo

Astronomers Have Found A Strange Planet That ‘Shouldn’t Exist’

By now we already know that the universe holds countless mysteries. The more we search the cosmos for answers, and the more we try to understand it, the more we learn how little we actually know. Each day, the universe continues to surprise us, showing us how small we are in the vastness of space. There are things out there that could possibly defy our very understanding of the word possible. Image Credit: Denis Bajram… Seguir leyendo