Astrophysicists Find “High Energy” Signal of “Extraterrestrial Origin”

Extraterrestrial doesn’t mean coming from little green men, somewhere out there, it means its a signal we picked up that isn’t from Earth. Its origin is a complete mystery. An International group of astrophysicists with the participation of MEPhI has come across a strange signal of high-energy galactic photons in the Fermi experiment. The new find may help astrophysicists better explain the origin of high-energy neutrinos, which have previously been spotted by the IceCube Neutrino Seguir leyendo

Scientists Find Our Sun’s Identical Twin — And It May Have Earth 2.0 Orbiting It

The idea that our sun has a nearly identical twin somewhere in the universe has long been suggested by experts. Image Credit: ipicgr / Pixabay. CC0 Creative Commons Until now, that idea remained just another cosmic theory. Now, an international team of scientists seems to have discovered our Sun’s identical twin, both by age and chemical composition.  And the researchers emphasize that it is not a simple brother, but a solar twin. Even more interesting… Seguir leyendo