Scientists could bring back the dinosaurs in as little as a couple of years

American paleontologist, Dr. Jack Horner, 72, was the inspiration for the character of Dr. Alan Grant in the first Jurassic Park movie. Director Steven Spielberg asked him to be a consultant and he excitedly agreed. Five movies later, the premise of the movies is closer to becoming a reality. Living breathing dinosaurs could be running around in a lab before we know it. Who knows. Maybe they already are. Horner predicted that the concept depicted… Seguir leyendo

Russia To Build Cloning Facility To Bring Back Extinct, Ancient Animals in Jurassic Park Style

What could possibly go wrong?  I’ve watched all of the movies from the Jurassic Park series and I just loved them. I mean, the movies have a perfect plot. Imagine yourself stranded inside an abandoned Jurassic Park where countless Dinos are loose, running around waiting to eat you. Better yet, imagine yourself in a modern Jurassic Park, and due to a number of failures, the cloned Dinosaurs start running around eating everything in their path.… Seguir leyendo

Vladímir Putin creará un Jurassic Park real en Siberia

Jurassic Park es una historia de advertencia sobre la ciencia genética fuera de control (y carnívoros prehistóricos igualmente de descontrolados), pero seamos sinceros: incluso así son muchos que desearían que fuera real. Querrían mirar por la ventanilla de un SUV y poder ver un Tyrannosaurus rex vivo. Y es que la mayoría de nosotros tenemos una fascinación casi innata por los animales extintos. La idea de revivir especies extintas se popularizó con la novela de… Seguir leyendo