Pain as a Teacher – Part I

01 Oct Pain as a Teacher – Part I Posted at 13:01h in English by The format we have chosen for this article is a transcription of a previously recorded conversation. Our aim is to expose our reflections and knowledge of yoga  in the most natural and original way. You can find it translated into Spanish in IgersYoga.Nita asks: How do you approach the practice when you have a sharp pain somewhere?… Seguir leyendo

Woman with two mutations has virtually no pain, heals faster, has little fear or anxiety

A middle-aged Scottish woman has two mutations that virtually prevent her from feeling any pain. She can eat the hottest of Scotch bonnet chili peppers whole without the slightest problem. She gave birth and never needed any painkillers, and she is blessed with having extremely low anxiety or feelings of fear. One of her genetic mutations is new to science and could be a potential breakthrough for every person on the planet who experiences chronic… Seguir leyendo