Unidentified Object found orbiting Earth in a retrograde orbit takes experts by surprise

Unidentified Object Found Orbiting Earth in a Retrograde Orbit Takes Experts by Surprise There’s a mysterious object orbiting our planet at around 373 miles above the surface, and scientists aren’t what it is.The mysterious unidentified flying object was found to orbit Earth some 600 kilometers above the surface is dubbed by experts as an ’empty trash bag object,’ mostly because it is extremely light. While it still remains unclear as to what exactly the… Seguir leyendo

Floating Robot Aboard International Space Station goes Rogue

There’s a creepy robot currently orbiting the Earth onboard the International Space station. If the floating robot wasn’t creepy alone by its looks, it has now been reported the machine has gone rogue, starring to ignore human commands and acting strangely. Image Credit: ESA / YouTube. The ball-shaped flying brain robot called Cimon has a ‘permanent’ smile drawn on its face and answers to orders in a rather malevolent voice. ‘Cimon’ stands for Crew Interactive… Seguir leyendo

Mystery X37B Unmanned NASA Space Plane 400 Days In Orbit And Counting

There’s a mysterious secret space plane called the X-37B which has been orbiting our planet for 400 days in its secretive mission. Photo by: U.S. Air Force The secretive spacecraft’s latest trip, the Orbital Test Vehicle-5 (OTV-5), started on September 7th, 2017. The mystery spacecraft was launched on board one of Elon Musk’s SpaceX Falcon 9 Rockets, from NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. Its current mission, as well all earlier missions remain a profound… Seguir leyendo

The Mysterious Pyramids of the Amazon—Spotted by A NASA Satellite In 1976

In 1976, NASA’s Landsat Satellite was orbiting Earth when it photographed mysterious dots in southeast Peru, at 71 degrees, 30 minutes west longitude in the Madre de Dios region of the Amazon. The satellite photograph, archived under number C-S11-32W071-03 showed a mysterious set of formations, in the middle of Peru’s southeastern jungle. The satellite image revealed structures symmetrically spaced and uniform in shape, looking like a series of eight or more pyramids, in at least… Seguir leyendo

‘Disappearing Moon’ Filmed By Astronauts Aboard The ISS

What better way to observe the moon than while orbiting our planet? Astronauts on board the International Space Station have one of the best views not only of Earth but Earth’s faithful companion the moon as well. Now, a recent video has emerged showing the moon like many of us have never seen it before. Russian Cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev has managed to film a unique video of Earth’s moon “vanishing” mysteriously behind the Earth during… Seguir leyendo

Hidden World Under Antarctica Revealed: Scientists Find A World They’ve Never Imagined

Despite the fact that satellites orbiting earth have helped map our planet’s surface in great detail, there was a gap around an area of the South Pole, which is not covered by satellites due to the inclination of their orbits. Now, scientists have finally revealed what is there, and it comes as a surprise. Scientists exploring Antarctica have found massive mountain ranges and vast canyons that run for hundreds of miles beneath the… Seguir leyendo

A Visitor From Another Solar System Found Orbiting Jupiter Backwards

Scientists have spotted an asteroid from another solar system orbiting Jupiter backward, and it’s the first ‘alien’ object to visit our solar system and stay. Not much time has passed since mankind identified the first ever visitor from interstellar space; an elongated, weird-looking asteroid by the name of Oumuamua. Now, it turns out there’s another asteroid from another solar system that decided to swing by our star system. However, unlike Oumuamua, this asteroid apparently chose… Seguir leyendo