Aliens called on an Army Intelligence Corpsman at the site of this massive boulder

What was once the largest freestanding boulder in the world, Giant Rock, California was a mecca for UFO enthusiasts in the 50s. A large slab of the rock fell off in February 2000, as foretold by Native American Hopi shaman prophecy. Giant Rock was a spiritual site for thousands of years, used in Native American ceremonies. In the 20s, the Hopi shamans believed the site would foretell the future of the 21st century, but it’s… Seguir leyendo

A Mysterious ‘Radioactive Source’ Is Melting Antarctica From Beneath

Antarctica is once again showing us what a mysterious place it is. Shrouded in mystery and said to have been the home place of long-lost civilizations according to some authors, the icy continent seems to always give us a lot to talk about. Image Credit: waagefr  / Pixabay. In the past, I’ve written about Antarctica plenty of times. I’ve even spotted strange geometric patterns protruding from the ice, and I’ve also reported about the… Seguir leyendo

Tom Delonge Fights Back After Article Claims “To The Stars Academy” Had $37 Million Debt

Former Blink-182 singer, Tom DeLonge once received a “Researcher Of The Year” award from the International UFO Congress after Wikileaks revealed hacked emails that suggested he was in contact with top people in the US government, including Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta. While receiving his award in 2017, he indicated he was about to make a leap forward in the search for extraterrestrials. Today, it appears that DeLonge is the center of something much… Seguir leyendo

Astrobiologists Find Evidence Earth’s Moon Could Have Harbored Life

Is there a slight possibility that once, sometimes in the distant past perhaps, life as we know it thrived on Earth’s moon? According to the latest claims made by a group of astrobiologists, conditions to support simple organisms have existed at least twice since Earth’s faithful comic companion formed, more than four billion years ago. Now, of course, Earth’s moon is a barren, desolate place, with no resemblance whatsoever of life on its surface. But… Seguir leyendo

¿Realmente se puede excusar a un criminal debido a sus genes?

Después de once horas de deliberación, el jurado llegó a una decisión: homicidio voluntario, no asesinato. En la sala del juzgado muchos quedaron estupefactos. “Yo estaba anonadado. No supe cómo reaccionar”, dijo posteriormente el fiscal Drew Robinson en una entrevista con la cadena NPR. Parecía un caso sencillo. Después de una disputa, Bradley Waldroup le disparó ocho veces a la amiga de su esposa. Después atacó a su esposa con un machete. Su esposa sobrevivió.… Seguir leyendo