Alien Treaty: Did Former US President Eisenhower Meet With Aliens Three Times?

A strange theory takes strength among conspiracy lovers and UFO hunters.According to a number of authors, the former US President Dwight Eisenhower allegedly signed in 1954, a secret agreement with an extraterrestrial civilization that had visited Earth. The entire story starts with President Harry Truman passing on the oval office to the reins of Dwight. D. Eisenhower in 1953. Along with the oval office, apparently, Truman gave Eisenhower a hefty file concerning top-secret, top… Seguir leyendo

Lost Civilizations, Pyramids, And Incredible Cyclopean Ruins of South America

Thanks to a number of different, surprising archeological discoveries, it has become a popular theory that incredible, advanced ancient civilizations may have inhabited South America thousands of years ago, leaving behind a legacy of mind-bending cyclopean structures and monuments that defy logic. From incredible lost cities, uncharted territories, tales, and myths that speak of giants and Gods coming down from the heaven, to explorers who have vanished from sight while searching for long lost civilizations,… Seguir leyendo

Experts Open Massive 8.6-Foot Granite Sarcophagus And Find Something Totally Unexpected

The mysterious sarcophagus discovered in Alexandria not long ago was finally opened by a number of officials from the Ministry of Antiquities, led by Dr. Mostafa Waziry and Dr. Aiman Ashmawi. Spoiler alert: it’s not a cursed mummy nor is it a giant. The sarcophagus discovered in Alexandria raised controversy in the media prompting a number of questions. The sarcophagus—buried nearly 20 feet beneath the surface—remained shut for millennia. Experts opening the granite sarcophagus. Image… Seguir leyendo

The Lost City of Z, and its Mysterious Connection to the Mighty Atlanteans

There are a number of ancient cities—considered myths by most authors—that some believe existed before written history, in different places on Earth. The Lost City of Z, just like Atlantis is one such mysterious place. The most famous person to ever search for this lost city was a man called Percy Harrison Fawcett a renowned explorer who tried discovering the long-lost city thought to remain hidden somewhere in the Amazon jungle. According to myths and… Seguir leyendo

The Kebra Nagast—King Solomon And The Mystery of Flying Carpets

In Brief: Flying carpets are mentioned in a number of legends. For example, it is said that King Solomon possessed a flying carpet sixty miles long and sixty miles wide, capable of transporting 40,000 men. In other legends, King Phraates II, a Parthian King engaged his enemy while flying on a carpet capable of firing lighting and fire.Legends of Gods and might deities traveling in ancient times across the Earth in powerful flying machines… Seguir leyendo

Before Noah’s Great Flood: Here Are 3 Flood Stories That Predate The Bible

Evidence has been brought forward by a number of archaeologists who argue that a massive deluge swept across the Earth between 5,000 and 7,000 years ago. Some argue that the historic flood may have happened, but not on a global scale, as there are those who argue that a flooding occurred in the area of what is today the Black Sea, an area many refer to as the ‘cradle of civilization’. And while Noah’s story… Seguir leyendo

The US Government On The Verge Of Confiscating Supposed Debris Of The Roswell UFO Crash

In 2011, a man discovered a number of artifacts in Roswell, New Mexico, where an alien spacecraft had supposedly crashed in 1947. He took the mysterious metallic pieces to a number of labs for testing. Results came back showing that the mysterious artifacts were not from Earth.  “…either the lab made an analytical error or the material is not from Earth.” The Roswell case, also dubbed the Roswell UFO incident, refers to the alleged crash… Seguir leyendo

Secret Ciphers: The Forgotten Language Of The Ancients

Around the world there exist a number of undeciphered texts that date back as far as the Neolithic (8000 BCE). These ancient writing systems must be viewed with an open mind as they may have been composed with artistic intent, but its most likely they represent the origins of abstract thought and writing. Many scholars have tried to decode these prehistoric ciphers, but so far, no one has cracked their arcane secrets. The knowledge they… Seguir leyendo

Here Are 7 ‘Lost Technologies’ From Nikola Tesla That Threatened The Global Elite

Not long ago I wrote about how the federal Bureau of Investigation (The FBI) released a number of declassified files about Nikola Tesla.Among them, the government revealed their interest in the Death Ray –a futuristic particle beam weapon that Tesla had invented. Check out this article and download ALL of Nikola Tesla’s patents. 73 years after the FBI seized nearly TWO TRUCKS of papers of one of the world’s most famous inventors,… Seguir leyendo