7 Morning Meditation Tips That Will Improve Your Whole Day

Everyone needs to find a way to balance themselves. Each passing day presents new challenges, hurdles, and countenances to be appealed, and we can’t always embrace the new day in the way we’d like. There are simply days where you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Not everyone is a morning person. Even the most sunny-side, energetic people can find themselves in a down day. There are mornings where you wake up… Seguir leyendo

Scientists Look To The Stars To Make Fusion Energy A Reality On Earth

The world sorely needs an efficient, infinite and clean source of energy right now as climate change continues to be the biggest threat to our survival. That’s why private industries and governments around the globe are turning to nuclear fusion power, and it may be closer to being reality than you think. Fusion is the process of fusing atoms together at high pressures and temperatures to create energy. It’s a process that is already happening… Seguir leyendo