NASA’s Spacecraft Beams Back Image Of Farthest Object Ever Visited By Mankind

NASA’s New Horizon Spacecraft continues making history. The Spacecraft is currently flying near the edge of our solar system and as it continues to explore the previously unseen region, it’s sending back a plethora of data and images. To be precise, on New Years’ Eve, and following a 13-year trip through our solar system NASA’s New Horizons finally reached Ultima Thule, a small, icy ‘world located a mind-bending 4 billion miles from the sun.NASA’s… Seguir leyendo

Within A Decade, Earth Could Look As It Did 3 Million Years Ago

Earth’s near future may not be so bright. In fact, according to a recent study, our future planet Earth could be extremely similar to our ancient planet Earth. And that’s not necessarily a very good thing. British and American Scientists warn that in around 10 to 12 years, our planet’s climate could resemble that of the middle Pliocene, a period that began more than 3 million years ago. The study (published Monday Dec. 10, 2018… Seguir leyendo