NASA Scientists Recreate Origins of Life on Ocean Floor in the Lab with Surprising Results

The answer to the question of how life came into existence remains a scientific mystery to this day. While experts agree on prevailing theories, we are yet to fully understand how life on Earth started, and where it came from. And in an effort to understand as much as possible the origin of life, NASA Astrobiologists turned to their laboratory to answer some of the fundamental questions about life and its origins. Scientists tell us… Seguir leyendo

A Massive ‘Invisible Disk’ May Exist in the Confines of the Solar System

Mystery orbits in outermost reaches of solar system not caused by ‘Planet Nine’, say researchers, but by a massive debris disk ‘we can’t directly observe.’ Image Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech. In order to explain the unusual orbits of two groups of objects (TNOs) that are located beyond the orbit Neptune, astronomers suggested the existence of the hypothetical Planet Nine in the confines of the Solar System. However, a new study by researchers at the University… Seguir leyendo

Costa Rica Is A Land Full Of Ancient History And Mysterious Stone Spheres

For decades one archaeological mystery in Costa Rica has intrigued scientists. Parts of this tiny country are festooned with ancient stone spheres. And most, at first glance, look perfectly round. Some are only a few centimeters in diameter, while others are as much as two meters, and weighing up to 16 tons. Where to find these archaeological oddities: If you’re an archaeology buff, the best place to find these fascinating artifacts is at Finca 6,… Seguir leyendo

RAZAS Z: un compendio de las especies alienígenas que nos visitan

Del creador de la famosa saga de los Anunnaki, que tanta difusión tuvo en Mystery Planet, nos llega «RAZAS Z», un compendio de videoprogramas en donde el investigador y escritor David Parcerisa detalla las características, posible origen, anatomía e intenciones de las diferentes especies alienígenas que estarían visitaron nuestro planeta en la antigüedad y lo siguen visitando en la actualidad. Acuérdate de suscribirte a las notificaciones push de nuestro sitio web o… Seguir leyendo

A Mysterious ‘Radioactive Source’ Is Melting Antarctica From Beneath

Antarctica is once again showing us what a mysterious place it is. Shrouded in mystery and said to have been the home place of long-lost civilizations according to some authors, the icy continent seems to always give us a lot to talk about. Image Credit: waagefr  / Pixabay. In the past, I’ve written about Antarctica plenty of times. I’ve even spotted strange geometric patterns protruding from the ice, and I’ve also reported about the… Seguir leyendo

50 Images of Ancient Megaliths And Perfectly Shaped Stones That Defy Logic

It is not a mystery that thousands of years ago, ancient cultures around the globe had the ability to somehow move supermassive blocks of stone with extreme facility.Despite lacking ‘modern tools’ to do so, it is a well-known historic fact that cultures had the ability to move rocks of up to 1,000 tons, and transport them from their quarries to their final resting places, in temples, pyramids, and other monuments. And while we still… Seguir leyendo

Scientists Find Genetically ‘Different’ Humans Adapted For Diving

No, scientists didn’t discover fish people, nor did they find a new species of humans.  A mystery people living in Southeastern Asia has baffled scientists for years. The people of the Bajau tribe, in Southeast Asia, only need a breath of air to dive up to 70 meters underwater and fish, remaining submerged for several minutes. This has led experts to question how dey manage to do it. These people were almost like “super-humans” and… Seguir leyendo