Scientists lose it when hunter posts baby T-rex fossil on eBay for millions

If you have the cash, you could buy an authentic baby T-rex fossil on eBay, much to the chagrin of paleontologists and scientists who want it to remain in the public trust. In 2013, a professional fossil hunter from Kansas, Alan Detrich found a fossil of a baby Tyrannosaurus rex at Hell Creek Formation near Jordan, Montana. The fossil, which he claims may be one-of-a-kind, was discovered on leased land that Detrich used to search… Seguir leyendo

NASA Hopes To Get Mars Rover ‘Oppy’ To Live Again And Phone Home

The Mars Rover lovingly called Opportunity might not survive much longer if it is still alive at all. Cut off from contact since June 10, 2018, when dust storms made it impossible for Oppy to phone home, engineers and scientists have tried to contact the rover repeatedly ever since – over 600 times. Now, scientists are putting into action a new plan to contact the 15-year-old rover in the hopes of solving one of three… Seguir leyendo

Cocaine mummies challenge everything we know about US history

From the Vikings to the Chinese, American history has proven to be much different from what schools taught us growing up. In fact, over the last decade, science contradicted itself almost daily. Recently, various studies and new clues show us that Egyptians had at least some kind of contact with the Americas – the “New World” – as early as 1,000 Before Common Era (BCE), according to Ancient Origins. How do we know this?… Seguir leyendo

New Study Clearly Explains Why Searches For Advanced Alien Life Have Failed So Far

A new study puts into perspective exactly how much of the universe that scientists have been able to search so far for signs of alien life. The research in The Astronomical Journal reveals that humans are just barely getting warmed up in the quest to find out if we have intelligent distant neighbors in the cosmos. Although we may not have found an alien signal or “techno-signature” yet, that is probably because we don’t know… Seguir leyendo

Here’s The Video Inside Brazil’s National Museum After Massive Fire Destroys 90 percent

The tragic fire is feared to have destroyed as much as ninety percent of the artifacts stored in the museum.  According to Bloomberg, as many as 20 million relics may have been destroyed in the catastrophic fire that stuck the National Museum of Brazil. Experts have said that some of the items in the museum’s collection are irreplaceable to science, as well as the country rich and plentiful history. Fire at the National Museum of… Seguir leyendo

The Curious Obsession Of 20th-Century Dictators With Ancient Civilizations

Why did many leaders of ‘modern times’ look back so much at ancient civilizations, their myths and legends? Why were numerous leaders ‘obsessed’ in a way, with the achievements of ancient civilizations? Some of them were deeply convinced that lost powers exist on Earth, hidden away from modern society, and some of these leaders even searched the planet in order to find them.  Many of the great dictators of the twentieth century professed a strange… Seguir leyendo

A Brief History Of Witchcraft And How It Spread Across The World

Modern witchcraft has drawn much of its ideology from ancient religions and esoteric schools. It can be argued that the roots of this revived faith go back as far as the Stone Age, when humans began to conceive their world as a spiritual construct. 1. Shamanism appeared some time during the upper Paleolithic (50,000 – 10,000 years ago). The shaman would often enter trance states to follow the migration of herds (ensuring a successful hunt),… Seguir leyendo

New Geoglyphs Discovered In Peru Are Older Than The Nazca Lines

Lesser known than the Nazca Lines, the emblematic Palpa Lines are much older and are located in an area that was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994. The hillsides of Palpa in Peru were intricately decorated by pre-Columbian civilizations, which drew thousands of geoglyphs in the area: and recently, five of them have been recovered by experts. The Palpa Lines are older than the Nazca lines. Since November of 2017, a group… Seguir leyendo