Scientific Study Claims All Humans Descend From One Couple That Lived 200,000 Years Ago

A new, revolutionary scientific study suggests a single couple spawned the rest of modern humans, some 200,000 years ago. Image Credit: typographyimages / Pixabay A new study has found that all humans descend from a single couple and 9 out of 10 animal species also descend from one specific couple, says a new study published by scientists from the University of Basel (Switzerland) and Rockefeller University (NY, USA). According to experts, all modern humans are… Seguir leyendo

Fermi Telescope Scientists Introduce Gamma-Ray Constellations

NASA’s Fermi Space Telescope team has devised a set of modern constellations built from gamma-ray sky sources to celebrate the ten years of the mission. A constellation, in astronomy, is a conventional grouping of stars, whose position in the night sky is apparently invariable. Ancient civilizations decided to link them by imaginary lines, thus creating virtual silhouettes on the celestial sphere. In the vastness of space, however, the stars of a constellation are not necessarily… Seguir leyendo

The Curious Obsession Of 20th-Century Dictators With Ancient Civilizations

Why did many leaders of ‘modern times’ look back so much at ancient civilizations, their myths and legends? Why were numerous leaders ‘obsessed’ in a way, with the achievements of ancient civilizations? Some of them were deeply convinced that lost powers exist on Earth, hidden away from modern society, and some of these leaders even searched the planet in order to find them.  Many of the great dictators of the twentieth century professed a strange… Seguir leyendo

6 Astounding Machines Of The Ancient World

The majority of people associate mechanical engineering with the modern era, but that association is far from true. The fact is, our ancient ancestors have used complex machines since the beginning of the Bronze Age. Employing innovative tools such as the pulley, the wheel, and the lever, these early engineers helped to erect huge monuments such as the pyramids of Giza, the Great Wall of China and the Gardens of Babylon. But there’s one culture… Seguir leyendo

A Brief History Of Witchcraft And How It Spread Across The World

Modern witchcraft has drawn much of its ideology from ancient religions and esoteric schools. It can be argued that the roots of this revived faith go back as far as the Stone Age, when humans began to conceive their world as a spiritual construct. 1. Shamanism appeared some time during the upper Paleolithic (50,000 – 10,000 years ago). The shaman would often enter trance states to follow the migration of herds (ensuring a successful hunt),… Seguir leyendo

The Planetary Grid, Ancient Monuments, and how it is all Connected

The ‘Planetary Grid’ hypothesis is a modern concept which suggests that the Earth is surrounded by an invisible network of energy, carried around the globe by a kind of ‘geometric highway’ known as Ley-Lines. These geometric lines meet at various intersecting points forming a powerful grid (see attachment). What makes the theory so compelling is the number of sacred sites which run in alignment to these energy lines. This includes many of the Earths major… Seguir leyendo

We Are Surrounded by Masonic Symbols―How Modern Logos Are Linked To Secret Societies

In the modern world, we are surrounded by countless logos, symbols, and graphs that make up our everyday life. No matter where we look, willingly or unwillingly, we find ourselves immersed in a deep layer of information that is in turn filled with secret symbols and eerie meanings. And while ancient societies such as the Illuminati, Masons, etc date back to more ancient times, in the century of communications, icons and logos that we see… Seguir leyendo

Here Are 12 Of The Most Prominent Ancient Gods Of Mesopotamia

Sumer, known as the “land of the kings”, was founded in southern Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq) between 4500 and 4000 BCE. It became one of the first civilizations ever established in history, where its people drained the marshes for agriculture, developed trade, and established industries such as weaving, metallurgy, and pottery. Each city was protected by a particular god or goddess, with large temples built in the city center for them to reside in. The… Seguir leyendo

Ancient Aliens—The Evidence: Part 1

Stone blocks modern aircraft carrying millions of people each day around the world And space shuttles sending humans to the stars. But are these examples of modern technology, or is there evidence that these incredible achievements existed on earth thousands of years ago? You begin to have to ask yourself, are we missing part of the story? Could ancient man have possessed knowledge far beyond that of our own century? And if so, where did… Seguir leyendo