Archaeologists Discover One Of Largest Viking Ships Under A Field In Norway

If you’re a fan of Viking history, prepare to have your mind blown. Because archaeologists in Norway just made a rare discovery that sheds more light on the Norsemen culture we have long been fascinated by. For centuries the Jellestad mound near Oslo has stood as a historic landmark in the area marking a Viking burial ground. While archaeologists had previously thought that local farmers had destroyed most of the out mounds over the years… Seguir leyendo

Lost Ancient City Discovered In The Heart Of The USA

When speaking about lost cities, the first thing that jumps to mind is a lost city, buried beneath the sands somewhere in Egypt. Or a lost city located somewhere in the most unexplored parts of the Amazon. However, sometimes, lost cities are found in the mundane of places. If you travel to Arkansas City, Kansas you’ll find evidence of one such ancient city. Archaeologists believe they have come across the city of Etzanoa (the “Great… Seguir leyendo