7 Best Meditation Poses For Beginners

Are you a caffeine-dependent busy bee just about stretched too thin? A friend might have recommended you try meditation to lower your stress levels. After all, there are no excuses for not meditating – you can take as little as 5 minutes to yourself in your desk chair at work to meditate, clear the mental clutter, and refocus on the task at hand. Instead of using your break to bang on the keyboard and scream… Seguir leyendo

NASA Fears They Lost The Opportunity Rover Forever

Although NASA fears the Opportunity Rover might be stuck on the red planet forever, the Agency still does not want to give up hopes that the rover might wake and finally phone home. Image: NASA’s Opportunity Rover is stuck on Mars and it can’t phone home. This small dot is the rover, covered in Martian sand. Image Credit: NASA. A massive dust storm on Mars caused the rover to lose contact with Earth and things… Seguir leyendo

A New Discovery Proves That Scientists Need To Take A Closer Look At Crystals

An exciting new mathematical discovery might have scientists around the globe working closely with crystals in a whole new way. Recently, a team of researchers from Princeton University solved a centuries-long mystery surrounding prime numbers, AKA “the building blocks of mathematics.” For hundreds of years, no one could find a pattern to prime numbers; experts thought they were entirely chaotic. Thanks to a groundbreaking new modeling technique, though, we now know that primes have a… Seguir leyendo