The First UFO Sighting On The Moon Occurred In 1668, And Its Recorded In NASA’s Archive

Throughout the Middle Ages, visions of strange happenings were nearly always attributed to God or to the supernatural. What people couldn’t explain was immediately elevated in the statue to the divine. As society advanced and as new technologies came into existence, everything began changing, and critical thinking was slowly taking over society. Moving into the early modern period of the 17th century, people started to look more and more toward science and the stars for… Seguir leyendo

S01 E04 Ancient Aliens: Close Encounters

President Thomas Jefferson, Christopher Columbus, Crusaders in the Middle Ages…What did they have in common? They either experienced or believed in the possibility of alien encounters. And the fact is, there have been many descriptions by various chroniclers speaking about a strange cloud in the sky that glowed red. Columbus, on his first voyage, he noted in the log, a glowing object rise out of the water and head off into the atmosphere. Could alien… Seguir leyendo