This Is The Largest And Oldest Wheel Found On Earth

According to history books, the wheel was ‘invented’ in ancient Mesopotamia, around 3500 BCE and possibly as early as 4000 BCE. However, the oldest and largest wheel on Earth was discovered in 2002 in Slovenia. The wheel dates back around 5,300 years, but could possibly be even older.If we take a look at our history books, well find that the invention of the wheel has been credited to the Late Neolithic and may have… Seguir leyendo

Here Are 12 Of The Most Prominent Ancient Gods Of Mesopotamia

Sumer, known as the “land of the kings”, was founded in southern Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq) between 4500 and 4000 BCE. It became one of the first civilizations ever established in history, where its people drained the marshes for agriculture, developed trade, and established industries such as weaving, metallurgy, and pottery. Each city was protected by a particular god or goddess, with large temples built in the city center for them to reside in. The… Seguir leyendo

Esta es la rueda más grande y antigua que se encuentra en la Tierra

Según los libros de historia, la rueda fue “inventada” en la antigua Mesopotamia, alrededor de 3500 a. C. y posiblemente tan temprano como 4000 a. Sin embargo, la rueda más antigua y más grande de la Tierra fue descubierta en 2002 en Eslovenia. La rueda data de alrededor de 5.300 años, pero podría ser incluso más antigua. Si echamos un vistazo a nuestros libros de historia, descubriremos que la invención de la rueda se ha… Seguir leyendo