Ciudad Perdida—The Lost City of Colombia, Built 650 Years Before Machu Picchu

Among all lost cities that have been mentioned in ancient myths, legends and texts, there is one, in particular, a few have heard of. Located in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada, ‘La Ciudad Perdida’ (Spanish for Lost City) is believed to have been constructed around 800CE, predating the popular city of Machu Picchu by around 650 years. The city is composed of more than 160 terraces carved into the mountainside. The ‘Lost City’ is hidden at more… Seguir leyendo

The Brahmashirsha Astra and the Brahmastra—Descriptions of Ancient Nuclear Weapons?

While there are countless weapons mentioned in Hindu mythology and the Mahabharata, two (better said three) specific weapons caught my attention mostly because of their ancient descriptions, and what they seem to resemble to, in modern times. Belonging to the group of the so-called Brahma weapons are the Brahmastra, and its variants the Brahmashirsha Astra and the Brahmanda Astra. All of these weapons are mention in ancient Sanskrit writings, and all of them were considered… Seguir leyendo

The Lost City Of Dwarka—A City Built By A God, and Attacked by a Vimana

An ancient city said to have been built by a God and mentioned in one of the most sacred and ancient texts on Earth, the Mahabharata.Until recently, the very existence of the ancient city of Dvārakā was a matter of legends and myths. However, as we have learned from history, myths and legends are divided by a thin line from reality. This legendary ancient city is said to have been founded by Sri Krishna… Seguir leyendo

The Kebra Nagast—King Solomon And The Mystery of Flying Carpets

In Brief: Flying carpets are mentioned in a number of legends. For example, it is said that King Solomon possessed a flying carpet sixty miles long and sixty miles wide, capable of transporting 40,000 men. In other legends, King Phraates II, a Parthian King engaged his enemy while flying on a carpet capable of firing lighting and fire.Legends of Gods and might deities traveling in ancient times across the Earth in powerful flying machines… Seguir leyendo