Long Lost Hidden Texts Suggest King Arthur Was A Real Person

Several new parchments found in the Bristol Central Library originating from the medieval ages indicate that the story of King Arthur may not be what we think it is. According to all accounts, King Arthur from Camelot is said to have led British forces into battle with the Saxons, which invaded during the sixth century, including his “Knights of the Round Table.” According to History, while there are several accounts of what happened, no one… Seguir leyendo


La literatura de la época medieval está llena de relatos de casos de obsesión y posesión por parte de demonios, espíritus malignos y otras entidades oscuras, y estos casos no son raros en nuestros tiempos modernos.De hecho, hay muchas personas obsesionadas que se encuentran en nuestros manicomios, e incluso si no son reconocidas como tales por la ciencia moderna (la cual rechaza la creencia en la existencia de entidades inteligentes invisibles), se puede decir… Seguir leyendo

Aether—The Pure Essence That The Gods Breathe, And The Fifth Cosmic Element

It was believed in ancient and medieval times that aether, also commonly spelled ether, was a mysterious material that filled the region of the cosmos above the terrestrial sphere. It was a mysterious element, and the concept of ether was used to describe a number of natural phenomena, including light and how it traveled, as well as gravity. It was believed in the past that aether was one of the primordial elements of the cosmos.… Seguir leyendo