Scientists Record “Terrifying” Sound In Antarctica

A group of researchers studying the behavior of glaciers has managed to recently record a mysterious sound on Antarctica, demonstrating how alive the massive icy continent actually is. According to experts, the winds raging over Antarctica make the Ice Self’s outer snow layer vibrate, producing a unique sound. The Ross Ice Barrier is the continent’s biggest barrier and is located in the Ross Sea, also named after Captain James Clark Ross, who discovered it in… Seguir leyendo

Here’s Who Was Inside The ‘Cursed’ Ancient Egyptian Black Granite Sarcophagus

In brief: Egyptian scientists who analyzed the mummies found inside have managed to establish the stature, sex, and age of the mummies covered in the so-called ‘mummy juice’. Curiously, more than 25 thousand people had signed a petition for drinking the juice that remained in the sarcophagus for thousands of years. The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities has released new details about the giant black granite sarcophagus discovered in Alexandria, Egypt. According to the Egyptian Ministry… Seguir leyendo

Scientists Successfully Implant The Memory Of A Snail In The Brain Of Another

As it’s boldly explained by Live Science, researchers have managed to ‘suck’ the memory out of one snail, and implant it into another snail, in a revolutionary scientific achievement. According to a new study, there is evidence that at least a small part of our memories are stored inside the genetic code. Scientists explain that their experiment has shown that certain memories are actually encoded inside molecules that make up an organisms’ genetic machinery.… Seguir leyendo