Scientific study finds our planet’s magnetic field was on the verge of a catastrophic collapse

According to a recent scientific paper, our planet narrowly escaped a catastrophic collapse of its magnetic field, the protective layer that shields Earth, some 565 million years ago. Scientists say that had the magnetic field collapsed, life on Earth would have been nearly impossible. They say that severe solar winds would have most likely stripped out planet of its atmosphere, causing harmful cosmic radiation to bombard the surface of the planet. However, luckily, Earth’s core… Seguir leyendo

Something Mysterious Is Happening With Earth’s Magnetic North Pole

Something odd is happening at ‘the top of the world.’According to a recent study, Earth’s Magnetic North Pole has been moving away from Canada towards Siberia, driven mysteriously by the liquid iron that extends into the core of the planet. As noted by scientists, since 2014, the core field has varied in a currently unpredictable manner. Studying the Magnetic North Pole and understanding its variation is of great importance.That’s why scientists will soon meet… Seguir leyendo

Historic Moment! NASA’s Voyager 2 Spacecraft Leaves Solar System

NASA’s Voyager 2 probe has left the heliosphere, the protective bubble of particles and magnetic fields created by the Sun, and is on its way into interstellar space. By leaving the solar system, it has become the second spacecraft in the history of mankind to leave our solar system. The probe, which launched in 1977 to study the planets farthest from Earth, has finally crossed the outermost edge of what’s called the heliosphere… Seguir leyendo