This is how matter can be both liquid and solid at the same time

It’s not every day we learn about a new state of physical matter, but today is such a day. Rather than your typical solid, gas, or liquid, scientists have confirmed a new “chain-melted state” that is simultaneously solid and liquid at the same time. The state is thermodynamically stable, and a new discovery. It’s also quite weird. Now consider that this exotic and improbable-sounding matter has been inside our bodies all along. It’s a newly… Seguir leyendo

Neil deGrasse Tyson Talks To Katy Perry About Aliens — And It Gets Weird Fast

Many think of alien talk as outside the realm of acceptability, but it’s picking up mainstream attention fast. Even people like pop star Katy Perry feel more comfortable talking about space, conspiracy, and even aliens! Recently, Perry sat down with Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of New York’s Hayden Planetarium since 1996 and host of the Emmy-award winning show Star Talk. Fun fact: For this episode, one of Tyson’s co-hosts, former SNL cast member Sasheer Zamata,… Seguir leyendo

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Makes History as it Enters in Orbit Around Asteroid Bennu

It’s a giant leap for mankind. At 2:43 p.m. EST (7:43 GMT) on December 31, 2018 when the world was getting ready to say goodbye to 2018, and welcome a new year, NASA’s Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security-Regolith Explorer (OSIRIS-REx) spacecraft was busy getting ready to enter into orbit around asteroid Bennu — making history and setting new records for the smallest body ever orbited by a spacecraft and the closest orbit of a… Seguir leyendo

Our Solar System Could Be Destroyed As Our Galaxy Collides With A Cosmic Neighbor

Image Credit: WikiImages / Pixabay. It’s a collision that can’t be stopped, and no, it’s not Andromeda that will crash into our galaxy. A galaxy is approaching the Milky Way on a collision course in an event that could alter our cosmic neighborhood and send the Solar System into the void of intergalactic space, scientists have warned. The collision could happen sooner than expected. For those of you who ask whether its Andromeda that we… Seguir leyendo

Great Barrier Reef Survey Finds Corals Thriving In Deeper Waters Despite Climate Change (VIDEO)

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest reef system. It’s so large, in fact, that it can be seen from outer space. Home to more than 1500 species of fish, this reef is also a haven for six sea turtle species, 30 species of whales, dolphins, and porpoises. And it’s a crucial nesting and feeding habitat for 215 species of birds, reports. But climate change has taken a devastating toll on this ancient… Seguir leyendo

Martian Mystery: NASA Finds Shiny ‘Object’ On Mars, Sends Rover To Investigate

It’s probably not aliens.  NASA’s Curiosity rover has photographed an odd object on the Martian Surface. Since scientists have no idea what the object is, it’s sending the rover to take a closer look. One theory suggests the object is a half-buried meteorite “because it is so shiny.” Curiosity touched down on Mars in 2012, and since it began its mission six years ago, it has helped us understand a great deal about Mars and… Seguir leyendo

New Theory Of Consciousness: The Ancients And The Hippies Were Right All Along About ‘Vibes’

Ahhh, the “Hard Problem.” It’s the neuroscience riddle of them all that remains unsolved by humans after thousands of years. The question is this: What is consciousness? Put another way:“In other words, how does a three-pound lump of dendrites and axons and sodium channels create a loving, sorrowing, self-knowing self? Show your work,” wrote Alexis Soloski for the New York Times.Soloski was covering a 2015 play by Tony Award-winning playwright, Tom Stoppard, called,… Seguir leyendo

Largest Structure On Earth Is 4,000 Years Old, Visible From Space, And Wasn’t Built by Humans

It’s not aliens either. But it is as close as it can get. The largest structures on Earth, covering an area the size of Great Britain–are up to about 4,000 years old. Furthermore, the amount of soil excavated to build the structures averages over 10 cubic kilometers, which is equivalent to just about 4,000 great pyramids of Giza. The mysterious mounds were not built by human hands, but rather by termites. According to… Seguir leyendo

Extraordinary Find Changes Date Of Pompeii’s Destruction

It’s a discovery that rewrites history books. An extraordinary charcoal inscription has revealed that the catastrophic volcanic eruption that destroyed Pompeii and other surrounding cities occurred two months later than archaeologists thought until now. It was firmly believed that the disaster occurred on August 27, 79 AD. However, recent excavations on the archaeological site in southern Italy have yielded a carbachol inscription etched on a wall that includes the date the volcanic eruption actually took… Seguir leyendo

A Time Machine For The Gods—Ancient Cosmic Calendar With Over 1,000 Petroglyphs Found In Arizona

“It’s a time machine for the gods…” An astonishing discovery has been made in Arizona’s Verde Valley. Researchers have come across an ancient calendar carved into stone that has remained hidden for nearly one thousand years. The calendar. More than 1,000 petroglyphs were most likely created by the ancients as a way to ‘track time’ using the sun, say experts. According to the Arizona Daily sun, around 1,000 intricate petroglyphs were carved into the rack… Seguir leyendo

Scientists Successfully Implant The Memory Of A Snail In The Brain Of Another

As it’s boldly explained by Live Science, researchers have managed to ‘suck’ the memory out of one snail, and implant it into another snail, in a revolutionary scientific achievement. According to a new study, there is evidence that at least a small part of our memories are stored inside the genetic code. Scientists explain that their experiment has shown that certain memories are actually encoded inside molecules that make up an organisms’ genetic machinery.… Seguir leyendo

For The Love Of Science! Researchers To Grow Mini Neanderthal Brains In A Lab

It’s not some morbid science project. Scientists want to grow mini Neanderthal brains in order to figure how the –brains– of ancient people differ from our own. This ‘unorthodox’ science project is being carried out by scientists at the Max Plank Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany. Scientists from the Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology have greatly contributed to the sequencing of the genomes of ancient human species. But in order to continue their research… Seguir leyendo

Mankind Threatens To Destroy A Third Of Earth’s Protected Areas

And it’s some worrying sh*t. Up to 32.8 percent of protected land on our planet is already highly degraded due to human activity and infrastructure. “It is time for the global conservation community to stand up and hold governments to account so that they take the conservation of their protected areas seriously…” Scientists have recently come to the conclusion that a third of the world’s protected areas are under intense human pressure. Our way of… Seguir leyendo