Supernovae Show Entire Universe Expands At Same Rate

One of the most fascinating and terrifying concepts in astronomy is the expansion of the universe. And a recent study shows that supernovae can tell us a lot about it. If you’ve never thought about it before, it can be difficult to wrap your head around. Basically, the Big Bang began the universe. And even though it’s called that, it’s better not to think of it as an explosion. Instead, think of it as heat… Seguir leyendo

UFO Hunter Spots Odd “Alien Structure” In The Middle Of A Lunar Crater

Earth’s moon is a fascinating place that has barely been explored. In fact, we know so little about the moon that we aren’t really sure as to how exactly it formed when it formed, and a plethora of other questions remain unanswered. I’ve written about some of the peculiarities of the moon in previous articles where I described how the earth’s faithful companion has remained a fascinating astronomical object for millennia.To understand just how… Seguir leyendo

Ancient Egyptians Discovered Algol’s Variability 3,000 Years Before Modern Astronomers

An ancient Egyptian Papyrus–the so-called Cairo Calendar–is perhaps one of the most fascinating pieces of evidence of how advanced the ancient Egyptians were in terms of Astronomy. Image Credit: OI: 10.1371/JOURNAL.PONE. Also known as the Calendar of the Days of Luck and the Unfortunate, this papyrus – which dates from 1244 – 1163 BC, assigns predictions and forecasts to every day of the Egyptian year. These forecasts indicate whether the day or part of the… Seguir leyendo

Was Ezekiel’s Wheel—Mentioned in The Bible—Actually an Ancient Spacecraft?

The story of Ezekiel is perhaps one of the most fascinating stories found in the Bible, especially if you look at the story from a modern, technological point of view. When ancient texts, legends, and stories are viewed and interpreted through modern eyes, we start to understand that Earth’s ancient past is far more exciting and mysterious then we’ve ever imagined. When one’s personal view is not bound by strict belief’s set forth by modern… Seguir leyendo

Earth’s Space Station Moon: Was the Moon Created by Intelligent Design?

Shining bright in the night sky, the Earth’s moon has remained a fascinating astronomical object for millennia. The Moon has captivated the imagination of humanity since the dawn of civilization. It is a quarter the size of the Earth and is by far the most dominant celestial body in the night sky. Earth’s faithful companion is the most visible celestial body in the night sky. Interestingly, we only ever see one side as it is… Seguir leyendo

There’s a Massive Rogue Object Wandering Our Cosmic Neighborhood

Researchers have made another fascinating discovery within our cosmic neighborhood. Astronomers have found an eerily mysterious object flying around our cosmic neighborhood, and it has experts intrigued. The object has a mass 12.7 times greater than that of Jupiter, and a surprisingly powerful magnetic field. Even more interesting is that it’s a rogue object not attached to any other object in its vicinity. All of this was found by experts using the Very Large Array… Seguir leyendo

Scientists Find the Great Pyramid of Giza Focuses Electromagnetic Energy

Another fascinating discovery has been made by scientists in the Great Pyramid of Giza. More evidence has been found that the Great Pyramid of Giza, one of the most astonishing ancient structures on the surface—though to be a tomb—was not a resting place for a pharaoh. A team of German and Russian researchers has discovered that the Great Pyramid of Giza, focuses electromagnetic energy in its chambers and concentrates the electromagnetic energy in its lower… Seguir leyendo

The Amarakarei Face—A Supermassive Ancient Face Hidden Deep Within the Peruvian Amazon

As you could see through many of my articles, Peru is home to countless ancient mysteries, fascinating legends, and incredible myths. One such mystery is hidden deep within the Peruvian Amazon rainforest: a massive face carved into stone cliffs. Dubbed as the Face of Amarakarei, the mysterious ancient sculpture is said to exist since time immemorial. However, despite the fact that the face is well-documented through ancient myths legends, and numerous expeditions that have managed… Seguir leyendo

The Dogon Tribe, The Nommo, and Their Fascinating Cosmic Knowledge 

Deep in northwest Africa—more precisely in Mali—we find one of the oldest and most fascinating ancient cultures to ever develop on Earth. The ancient Dogon tribe are known for their religious traditions, their ritual dances, their massive ritual masks, their wooden sculptures and their architecture. However, they are also known for their incredible astronomical knowledge and their fascinating mythological accounts. Sirius and Dogon, a mystic connection The Dogon have a compelling ancient tradition. They mention… Seguir leyendo