Long-lost box with artifacts from King Tut’s tomb found

Experts have recently revealed a box filled with objects that had been recovered a long time ago from King Tut’s Tomb. It contained pieces of a miniature model boat, buried with Pharaoh Tutankhamun. The boat was meant for king Tuts fishing trips in the afterlife, say experts. Image: The newly rediscovered mast and boat pieces belonged to the boat in the foreground, meant for King Tut’s afterlife. Image Credit: Luxor Museum Howard Carter packed the… Seguir leyendo

‘World’s Oldest’ Tattooing Kit Dating Back 2,700 Years Contains Tools Made From Human Bones

Researchers have discovered what is considered the world’s oldest tattooing kit. According to experts, the tattoo kit features tools that were made from human bones. Image Credit: Wal Ambrose, Australian National University. The discovery was made in Tonga, in the Southern Pacific Ocean, and it wasn’t a recent one. In fact, the items were found In 1963 on Tongatapu, the main island of oceanic Polynesia, which consists of more than 170 islands Recent studies,… Seguir leyendo

Scientists say 2018 Was the 4th Hottest Year on Record

Experts say we are now in the warmest half-decade in more than 120, years, and we should be worried. Image: This color-coded map shows global surface temperature anomalies. Higher than normal temperatures are shown in red and lower than normal temperatures are shown in blue. Image Credit: NASA. 2018 has been the fourth warmest year since 1880, according to independent studies confirmed by NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) and the National Oceanic and… Seguir leyendo

Unidentified Object found orbiting Earth in a retrograde orbit takes experts by surprise

Unidentified Object Found Orbiting Earth in a Retrograde Orbit Takes Experts by Surprise There’s a mysterious object orbiting our planet at around 373 miles above the surface, and scientists aren’t what it is.The mysterious unidentified flying object was found to orbit Earth some 600 kilometers above the surface is dubbed by experts as an ’empty trash bag object,’ mostly because it is extremely light. While it still remains unclear as to what exactly the… Seguir leyendo

Second Rectangular Iceberg Discovered In Antarctica

 Not long ago we published an article where we showed a bizarre discovery made by experts in Antarctica. NASA’s Ice Bridge Flight had discovered a weird ‘monolith’ iceberg that looked almost too perfect to have been made by nature. The shape of the iceberg sparked controversy online as conspiracy theorists rushed to social networks to have their say about the berg. And while some thought the iceberg was the top of a secret facility hidden… Seguir leyendo

The Ancient Inca Possessed Advanced Cranial Surgery Techniques, Thousands of Years Ago

As it turns out, the ancient Incas were far more advanced than experts were willing to accept. A new study has shown that the ancient Inca were better at Skull surgery than Civil War doctors. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that ancient civilizations such as the Inca were far more advanced then we’ve ever credited them for. Despite this, many authors and scholars agree that some of the pre-Columbian civilizations were quite advanced.… Seguir leyendo

Researchers Unearth The Oldest Library Ever Found In Germany

According to experts, the library, which was built sometime between 150 and 200 C.E., safeguarded an estimated 20,000 ancient scrolls. Archaeologists in Germany have come across a fascinating discovery as they have excavated the remains of the oldest library in the country to date. The Ancient Library is almost 2,000 years old and inside its walls, there are niches that served for the reception of parchments, say experts. Since the end of the 19th century,… Seguir leyendo

Archaeologists In Egypt Prepare To Open Massive 8.6-Foot Granite Sarcophagus

Experts are preparing to open a massive 8.6-Foot granite sarcophagus that has remained sealed for more than 2,000 years. No one knows what or who is inside it, and its contents have remained undisturbed, nearly 20 feet below the surface for millennia.  So yeah, let’s go ahead and open it up, say experts. Haven’t they been watching the Mummy?  A Poster of the 1999 movie “The Mummy”. Image Credit Not long ago we wrote Seguir leyendo

As Above So Below: Scientists Find There’s a Multidimensional Universe Inside our Brain

A sensational discovery has been made by experts as scientists have found that the human brain is home to structures and shapes that have up to 11 dimensions. Neuroscientists welcome the discovery by saying: “We found a world that we had never imagined.”Mathematical methods of algebraic topology have helped researchers find structures and multidimensional geometric spaces in brain networks. According to experts, a new study has proven that the human brain is home to… Seguir leyendo

2,000-Year-Old Ancient Egyptian Underground Mummification Temple Discovered

Experts have found 35 Mummies and a 2,000-Year-Old abandoned Mummification Temple In Egypt.The new discovery leaves the secrets of the ancient Egyptian mummification in the open, offering unprecedented details not only about the mummification process but the oils used by the ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago to mummify their deceased. Egyptian archaeologists have confirmed they’ve discovered an ancient Egyptian cemetery and a mummification temple located thirty meters below the surface near the necropolis… Seguir leyendo

Archaeologists Unearth 8.6-Foot-Long Sarcophagus Buried 2,000 Years Ago In Egypt

A truly massive sarcophagus has been unearthed by experts in Egypt. According to experts who have led the excavation, the granite sarcophagus is 185 centimeters tall (6ft), 265 centimeters long (8.6ft), and 165 centimeters wide ( 5.4 ft.) Considered as the ‘largest’ granite sarcophagus ever discovered in Alexandria, the recently unearthed sarcophagus measures nearly nine feet long, and its discovery took experts by surprise. The granite casket is believed to have been buried more… Seguir leyendo

Here Are The 10 Most Famous Swords In History

Throughout history, experts have discovered great weapons used by heroes and villains across the planet. Usually, great warriors were accompanied by special, powerful weapons, which not only conquered distant kingdoms but were also used to liberate lands and people from oppression taking part in great historical events. In this article, we take a look at ten of the most famous swords known either from historical record or from surviving artifacts. The Seven-branched Sword It is… Seguir leyendo