Researchers say alien life may exist while humans live in their ‘galactic zoo’

With thousands of exoplanets confirmed to exist in our universe, the question of “why haven’t we detected alien or extraterrestrial life” still exists. To date, we as humans have yet to make contact with what we would consider alien life. Researchers have called this lack of extraterrestrial contact the “Great Silence.” But, some researchers have a perfectly sound explanation for the silence. According to them, we may just be living in a “galactic zoo” that… Seguir leyendo

Water Found on Mars: Experts Find Liquid 12-Mile Lake On Red Planet

In Brief: 20 km in diameter, triangle-shaped, and reminiscent of subglacial water reserves that exist in Antarctica, the massive lake was discovered near Mars’ south pole. The lake is located around one and a half kilometers below the surface. Hidden beneath the icy surface of the south pole of the red planet, there is a massive lake of liquid water believed to be 20 kilometers in diameter. It is considered the first of its type… Seguir leyendo

The Lost Empire Of The Inca, And The Legendary Gold City Of Paititi

Tales of Lost cities and legendary civilizations that ruled the earth exist all around the globe. No matter where we look, we find tales, legends, and myths that speak of mighty civilizations that vanished without a trace, or incredible ancient cities, made of gold, hidden for centuries waiting to be found. For more than 500 years, explorers have searched and failed to pinpoint the ruins for Paititi, the legendary Lost City of Gold. Despite never… Seguir leyendo

Secret Ciphers: The Forgotten Language Of The Ancients

Around the world there exist a number of undeciphered texts that date back as far as the Neolithic (8000 BCE). These ancient writing systems must be viewed with an open mind as they may have been composed with artistic intent, but its most likely they represent the origins of abstract thought and writing. Many scholars have tried to decode these prehistoric ciphers, but so far, no one has cracked their arcane secrets. The knowledge they… Seguir leyendo