8 Unexplained Archaeological Discoveries That May Have Otherworldly Explanations

Archaeological discoveries are exciting and help contribute to our understanding of various events that have happened in the history of our world. What happens when something is discovered that we cannot explain? These discoveries happen and often leave archaeologists scratching their heads, wondering where these items came from and how they formed. We have put together some of the unexplained archaeological discoveries in the past, and where they are located, so you can start putting… Seguir leyendo

A New Discovery Proves That Scientists Need To Take A Closer Look At Crystals

An exciting new mathematical discovery might have scientists around the globe working closely with crystals in a whole new way. Recently, a team of researchers from Princeton University solved a centuries-long mystery surrounding prime numbers, AKA “the building blocks of mathematics.” For hundreds of years, no one could find a pattern to prime numbers; experts thought they were entirely chaotic. Thanks to a groundbreaking new modeling technique, though, we now know that primes have a… Seguir leyendo