New Study Clearly Explains Why Searches For Advanced Alien Life Have Failed So Far

A new study puts into perspective exactly how much of the universe that scientists have been able to search so far for signs of alien life. The research in The Astronomical Journal reveals that humans are just barely getting warmed up in the quest to find out if we have intelligent distant neighbors in the cosmos. Although we may not have found an alien signal or “techno-signature” yet, that is probably because we don’t know… Seguir leyendo

Declassified CIA Documents Suggest The Nazis Successfully Built UFOs

What exactly are UFOs? We understand the definition as unidentified flying objects. That definition does not mean that UFOs are vehicles from otherworldly civilizations. They are, as their definition describes not identified and could, therefore, be the result of manmade technology. Bear with me for a second and think about Nazi Germany and their extensive search for technology that would give them the upper hand in the war. The technological capacity of Nazi Germany is… Seguir leyendo