NASA Plans Test Of Their Planetary Defense Project In An Armegeddon-esque Move

NASA, in a joint operation with the ESA (European Space Agency), are planning something you might normally consider seeing only in movies like Armageddon. They’re about to test a brand new planetary defense system in a first step called the Double Asteroid Redirect Test (DART). Essentially what this test will determine is if we can indeed redirect an asteroid that’s hurtling through space towards Earth. Not just any old asteroid, but one that’s… Seguir leyendo

Mysterious 900-Mile-Long ‘Smoke Plume’ On Mars Throws Internet Into A Frenzy

Image Credit: ESA/DLR/FU Berlin The European Space Agency (ESA) is keeping a close eye on the curious ‘cloud’. There’s a mysterious 900-mile long plume cloud seen on a number of images taken from the orbit from Mars. The massive 1500-kilometer-long plume cloud formed near the 20kilometer-high ArsiaMons volcano on Mars. However, the plume, say scientists, wasn’t created by the volcano which has remained dormant for millennia. Instead, experts propose that the plume cloud was… Seguir leyendo