What Is Ancient Sumerian Writing Doing In America? Deciphering The Fuente Magna Bowl

In 1549, while searching for the capital of the Inca Empire, Spanish conquistadors, led by Pedro Cieza de León crossed into Bolivia and discovered the ruins of Tiahuanaco. Less than a quarter mile northeast of Puma Punku, scientists believe Tiahuanaco was once the center of a civilization with more than 40,000 inhabitants. Located at the Precious Metals Museum in La Paz Bolivia, we find the famous Fuente Magna bowl, a unique piece of ceramic that… Seguir leyendo

The History Of The Ancient Roman Empire Written Down In The Arctic

Without a reason of doubt, the ancient Roman empire left its mark in history. “We found that lead pollution in Greenland very closely tracked known plagues, wars, social unrest and imperial expansions during European antiquity.” From majestic roads, sanitation, to education systems, the ancient Roman Empire made sure it would remain forever in the history books. Now, researchers exploring Arctic Ice sheets have found traces of the rise and fall of the Roman empire embedded… Seguir leyendo