Archaeologists Find a Buried Criosphinx Dating Back 3,350 Years in Egypt

Researchers excavating the archaeological site of Gebel el Silsila in Egypt have come across the 3,000–year-old remains of an ancient Egyptian carving shop, home to a number of unfinished sculptures, including that of a ram-headed stone.Archaeologists have revealed that the ancient workshop most likely dates back to the 18th Egyptian Dynasty, when Pharaoh Amenhotep III, the father of Akhenaten ruled over Egypt. Amenhotep III ruled over the land of Egypt between 1386 and 1349… Seguir leyendo

Massive 3,000-Year-Old Tomb Discovered In Ancient Egypt Reveals Fascinating Artifacts

In Brief: Another grandiose discovery has been made in Egypt. Archaeologists have discovered an ancient Egyptian tomb dating back thousands of years. Home to a number of well-preserved mummies, the tomb located in Luxor was also filled with intricately painted was, as well as a number of ancient statues known as Ushabti. Image Credit: AFP A tomb, sarcophagi and various funerary objects have recently been discovered in a necropolis in Luxor, Egypt, in the south… Seguir leyendo

Did Aliens Build The Pyramids? This Study May Answer The Question Once And For All

For thousands of years, the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt has fascinated humans from around the globe. As the oldest and sole remaining member of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, there are many theories as to how these pyramids were constructed. The question most people ask is whether aliens or humans did it. For years, conspiracy theorists have peddled a claim that human beings could not have possibly built these magnificent structures… Seguir leyendo

20 Incredible Facts About the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead

In ancient times, people in Egypt were buried accompanied by a series of magical spells to help them travel to the afterlife. The Book of the Dead The Book of the Dead is the modern name given to an ancient funerary text belonging to ancient Egypt that was used from the beginning of the new Empire (around 1550 BC) until around 50 BC.The Book of the dead was one of the most important ancient… Seguir leyendo

‘The Great Enclosure’, Egypt’s Oldest Stone Structure That Predates The Pyramids

The Great Enclosure or Gsr el-Mudir is considered the oldest stone structures in Egypt. Located near the Step Pyramid and the Buried Pyramid at Saqqara, the purpose and function of the ‘Great Enclosure’ has remained a profound mystery since its discovery. The Great Enclosure is made up of a massive rectangular wall, oriented by its builders north-south. It measures approximately 650 meters by 650 meters. The walls of the enclosure are composed of two main… Seguir leyendo

Archaeologists Unearth 8.6-Foot-Long Sarcophagus Buried 2,000 Years Ago In Egypt

A truly massive sarcophagus has been unearthed by experts in Egypt. According to experts who have led the excavation, the granite sarcophagus is 185 centimeters tall (6ft), 265 centimeters long (8.6ft), and 165 centimeters wide ( 5.4 ft.) Considered as the ‘largest’ granite sarcophagus ever discovered in Alexandria, the recently unearthed sarcophagus measures nearly nine feet long, and its discovery took experts by surprise. The granite casket is believed to have been buried more… Seguir leyendo

10 Ancient Egyptian Symbols You Should Know About

The Land of the Pharaohs as I like to call Egypt is filled with incredible tales. Spanning back thousands of years, the Ancient Egyptian civilization left its mark in the history books forever.Erecting some of the most amazing monuments on the planet, the ancient Egyptians were experts in a number of things ranging from astronomy, medicine, to engineering and writing. Ancient Egypt’s culture is replete with mythology, and much of their history is a… Seguir leyendo