Something Struck the Lunar Surface During the Blood Moon Eclipse and People Filmed it

An unprecedented event was witnessed by thousands of people around the globe during the blood moon eclipse that took place on January 21. On January 21, millions of people around the world observed the only total lunar eclipse of 2019 and the emergence of the “blood” supermoon. What few noticed, however, was that a mysterious object collided against Earth’s natural satellite. Image Credit: Jose Madiedo. Now, as more people provide evidence of the collision, scientists … Seguir leyendo

A Man Films Mysterious Triangle-Shaped UFO Near US Military Base

I’ve written about countless UFO sightings during my time here at Ancient Code. Some of them have been debunked and that’s a good thing. Why? Well, because in today’s society, people will do nearly anything to appear on the news. Fixing up fake UFO sightings seems to work flawlessly, as people really want to believe ‘they are out there’. But the fact that there are thousands and thousands of fake UFO sightings on YouTube and… Seguir leyendo

First Images of Recently Discovered Buried Sphinx In Egypt Emerge

First images of the underground “sphinx” discovered during the restoration of the alley of rams between the temples of Luxor and Karnak have emerged. Archeologists working on the restoration of the alley of rams between the temples of Luxor and Karnak have made a fascinating, and unexpected discovery. Located beneath the surface, construction workers came across a Sphinx statue located beneath the surface. Initial reports suggest that the Sphinx statue is similar in design to… Seguir leyendo

Researchers Find A New Sphinx Statue Located Beneath The Surface In Egypt

In brief: Egyptian workers have come across an underground sphinx statue during roadworks in the Upper Egyptian city of Luxor, reports the news agency Youm7, citing the head of the Antiquities Department Mohammed Abdel Asis.Another extremely interesting discovery has been made in Egypt. During the repair of a road in the Egyptian city of Luxor, construction workers discovered what seems to be a completely new statue of a Sphinx located beneath the surface,… Seguir leyendo

Wales Heatwave Reveals More Than 200 Ancient Sites, Some Predating The Pyramids And Stonehenge

Here’s the Location of Every Underground Historic Site Discovered During Heatwave in Wales. During the last heatwave that wept over the U.K. Ireland, and Wales, strange outlines have appeared in grass and vegetation revealing fascinating ancient secrets. While heatwaves are never a good thing, over the past couple of months, heatwaves have helped reveal a number of fascinating ancient sites that have remained hidden from sight. Image Credit: Crown Copyright RCAHMW The strange outlines that… Seguir leyendo

The Mystery Behind The ‘Best’ UFO Sighting In Space: The Gemini IV UFO

During the Gemini IV mission, astronauts James McDivitt and Ed White circled the Earth 66 times and leaving a mark in history as the first multi-day space flight by the United States. During the mission, the astronauts photographed a mysterious, cylindrical-shaped object which is hailed by many authors as one of the best UFO images ever taken.In June of 1965, Brigadier General, James McDivitt, the commander on the Gemini IV mission and Ed White… Seguir leyendo