Elon Musk shows off Starship engines, determined to reach the Moon fast

At a time when the future of life on Earth looks in doubt, Elon Musk and his revolutionary companies are a beacon of hope. Four years ago, Musk released Tesla’s electric vehicle technology, realizing that it could potentially save the world from climate change. Now as some parts of America are colder than Antarctica, he is reminding the world that we must move to sustainable energy for a sustainable future. For Musk, it’s just a… Seguir leyendo

Government Official Supports First Extra-Terrestrial Forms Of Money

The prospects for long-term life on Earth seem to be looking more and more in doubt due to climate change and nuclear war. Meanwhile, President Trump, although an apparent non-believer in climate change, has directed NASA to “enable human expansion across the solar system,” concentrating on manned missions to the moon and mars. It seems mankind may not be able to effectively plan for sustained life on Earth, but trust they are already planning for… Seguir leyendo

Cave Theopetra—Home To A 23,000-Year-Old Wall

Greece is without a doubt a historic gold mine. Located in the vicinity of Meteora, we find a striking rock formation that is home to a number of enigmatic caves. One such cave is the Theopetra cave, home to a mysterious and unique archaeological site. The limestone of the Theopetra cave has been dated to the Upper Cretaceous period, 135–65 million years BP. The interior of the cave. Image Credit: MeteoraCuriously, the cave is… Seguir leyendo

The History Of The Ancient Roman Empire Written Down In The Arctic

Without a reason of doubt, the ancient Roman empire left its mark in history. “We found that lead pollution in Greenland very closely tracked known plagues, wars, social unrest and imperial expansions during European antiquity.” From majestic roads, sanitation, to education systems, the ancient Roman Empire made sure it would remain forever in the history books. Now, researchers exploring Arctic Ice sheets have found traces of the rise and fall of the Roman empire embedded… Seguir leyendo