Archaeologists Find Legendary Ancient Egyptian Coastal Fortress

A double line of walls protected the western part of the fortress, while a single line sufficed farther to the east and north. Image Credit: Antiquity / S.E. Sidebotham. An ancient Egyptian Coastal fortress, believed to date back around 2,300 years, which helped protect a Red Sea port, which provided the Pharaoh’s army with War Elephants has recently been discovered by experts. It is believed that the massive 2,300-year-old fort, located at a port called… Seguir leyendo

Massive Asteroid, Bigger Than The Great Pyramid Of Giza Set for 20.000mph Approach

A supermassive asteroid said to be the double site of a Boeing 747, and larger than the Great Pyramid of Giza is heading towards a close approach with our planet. The asteroid, dubbed 2016 NF23 is due to zip past Earth on August 29 at more than 3 million miles away, or an average of 13 times the distance between the moon and Earth. The massive space rock, bigger than the Pyramid of Giza is… Seguir leyendo