Bees Can Solve Simple Math Problems New Study Confirms

It turns out that bees don’t just fly from one flower to the other, randomly producing honey. They are able to think and solve simple math problems apt for a four-year-old child. Image Credit: Katja / Pixabay. Last year, a group of scientists from Australia reported that bees have the ‘necessary knowledge’ to understand the meaning of the concept of “zero”. Now, a new study by the same group of researchers further shows how intelligent… Seguir leyendo

Researchers Find A 100-Million-Year-Old Baby Snake Preserved In Amber

Scientists have come across a discovery you don’t make every day. Scientists from the Chinese Academy found the remains of a snake that was preserved in a piece of amber in a forest of what is now Myanmar, in Southeast Asia. It is an amazing find since it is the oldest known baby snake ever discovered. The new species received the scientific name of Xiaophis myanmarensis and lived in the upper Cretaceous period. The fossil,… Seguir leyendo