Astronomers May Have Found Another ‘Alien’ Megastructure Orbiting A Distant Star

Remember Tabby’s star? That weird, distant alien star whose brightness dimmed drastically without a clear pattern? Artist’s concept of an “uneven ring of dust” orbiting KIC 8462852. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons. It turns out that the universe has quite a few stars like that. KIC 8462852, aka Tabby’s Star, is located some 1,470 light-years from Earth, in the Constellation Cygnus. The star became popular when astronomers spotted unusual light fluctuations of the star, including up… Seguir leyendo

Astrobiologists Find Evidence Earth’s Moon Could Have Harbored Life

Is there a slight possibility that once, sometimes in the distant past perhaps, life as we know it thrived on Earth’s moon? According to the latest claims made by a group of astrobiologists, conditions to support simple organisms have existed at least twice since Earth’s faithful comic companion formed, more than four billion years ago. Now, of course, Earth’s moon is a barren, desolate place, with no resemblance whatsoever of life on its surface. But… Seguir leyendo

These Are The Most Important Sacred Symbols Of The Stone Age

Throughout the Palaeolithic era (50,000 BCE – 10,000 BCE), our distant ancestors often used cave walls and rock faces as a canvas to paint their thoughts and experiences upon. In a time dominated by hunting and survival, these images would often take the form of animals, warriors, and ritualistic activity. However, there are also a large number of strange symbols which appear repeatedly throughout Stone Age, in all areas of the world. Spirals, triangles, zigzags,… Seguir leyendo