Secret Tunnels Discovered Beneath Mexico’s Pyramid of the Moon Likely Contain ‘Strange Skulls

Researchers have reported discovering secret tunnels and a cavity located beneath an ancient pyramid in Mexico’s city of Teotihuacan, believed to have been used as an underworld for ritual’s in ancient times. Archaeologists have revealed that the mysterious tunnels beneath the Pyramid of the Moon are a ‘passageway to the underworld’ and could house unexplained deformed skulls, among other strange objects. The ancient city of Teotihuacan is believed to have been established around 100… Seguir leyendo

65-Foot-Long Viking Ship Discovered Buried Using Ground-Penetrating Radar

Technology has greatly helped archaeologists in discovering treasures of the past that have eluded them in the past. Now, archaeologists believe they have found traces of an ancient Viking Ship, buried beneath the surface in southeast Norway. Image: Ground-Penetrating Radar helped make the discovery. Image Credit: AFP / NIKU The boat’s shape was spotted around 50 centimeters beneath the surface in a tumulus, a burial mound thanks to ground-penetrating radar by Scientists at the Norwegian… Seguir leyendo