¿Qué tanto sabía María sobre quien era Jesucristo?

Esta es la traducción de una ponencia de “discover the book ministries” de los Estados Unidos, que nos pareció muy interesante de compartir, sobre todo sabiendo que Latinoamérica es más que nada católico, y dentro de ese catolicismo, es Mariano (es decir, que le oran a la Virgen María y le atribuyen divinidad). Pregunta: Los católicos siempre hablan mucho sobre María. Tengo curiosidad por saber qué era lo que realmente María sabía de acuerdo con… Seguir leyendo

Researchers Discover Fossilized Remains that Rewrite Antarctica’s History

“The more we discover about prehistoric Antarctica, the stranger it is…”Barely the size of an iguana, the fossilized remains of a reptile recently discovered in Antarctica suggests that some 250 million years ago, the icy frozen continent was covered with forests and rivers, and the temperature rarely dropped below zero. The region is thought to have been home to diverse forms of life, including early relatives of the dinosaurs. Meet the Antarctic King… Seguir leyendo

Scientists Find Genetically ‘Different’ Humans Adapted For Diving

No, scientists didn’t discover fish people, nor did they find a new species of humans.  A mystery people living in Southeastern Asia has baffled scientists for years. The people of the Bajau tribe, in Southeast Asia, only need a breath of air to dive up to 70 meters underwater and fish, remaining submerged for several minutes. This has led experts to question how dey manage to do it. These people were almost like “super-humans” and… Seguir leyendo