Cocaine mummies challenge everything we know about US history

From the Vikings to the Chinese, American history has proven to be much different from what schools taught us growing up. In fact, over the last decade, science contradicted itself almost daily. Recently, various studies and new clues show us that Egyptians had at least some kind of contact with the Americas – the “New World” – as early as 1,000 Before Common Era (BCE), according to Ancient Origins. How do we know this?… Seguir leyendo

Lost Civilizations, Pyramids, And Incredible Cyclopean Ruins of South America

Thanks to a number of different, surprising archeological discoveries, it has become a popular theory that incredible, advanced ancient civilizations may have inhabited South America thousands of years ago, leaving behind a legacy of mind-bending cyclopean structures and monuments that defy logic. From incredible lost cities, uncharted territories, tales, and myths that speak of giants and Gods coming down from the heaven, to explorers who have vanished from sight while searching for long lost civilizations,… Seguir leyendo

Stonehenge Builders Used Pythagoras’ Theorem 2,000 Years Before It was ‘Invented’

Evidence of advanced knowledge in mathematics, astronomy, and engineering can be found all over the world, at different ancient sites. As it turns out, the proportions between the sides of the Stonehenge triangles refer to the famous formula, according to a recently published book. The builders of the megalithic monument—thought to be more than 4,000-years-old—used advanced geometric concepts thousands of years before they were actually ‘discovered’. This doesn’t come as a surprise as experts have… Seguir leyendo

The Goddess Of A Thousand Faces: The Fertility Goddesses Of The Ancient World

There are literally thousands of different goddesses in world mythology, but perhaps the oldest is the fertility goddess. Hundreds of female effigies (known as the Venus figurines) can be found scattered around Europe and parts of Asia, dating from 35,000 BCE to 16,000 BCE (see images 1 – 7). But with no written text to explain what they were used for, what chance do we have of deciphering their role in prehistory? Has their ritual… Seguir leyendo