Did the Sumerians Predict the End of the World?

People have been predicting the end of the world almost as long as the world has existed. Whether they thought the world would end far in the future or the very next day, there are a plethora of doomsday predictions to be found when studying ancient civilizations. One huge question is whether the Sumerians predicted the end of the world or not. Many of those old prophecies have sparked modern intrigue. People connecting the old… Seguir leyendo

Rotating black holes might serve as portals for hyperspace travel

According to a new Business Insider report, scientists have always been a little fuzzy on the concept of black holes. Largely, it was thought that black holes, given their incredible mass, would kill you upon entry. But through simulations, physicists have come up with different possible outcomes for entering a black hole. The reason is simple. The event horizon is on the edge of a black hole. It’s the point beyond which matter or… Seguir leyendo

Long-lost box with artifacts from King Tut’s tomb found

Experts have recently revealed a box filled with objects that had been recovered a long time ago from King Tut’s Tomb. It contained pieces of a miniature model boat, buried with Pharaoh Tutankhamun. The boat was meant for king Tuts fishing trips in the afterlife, say experts. Image: The newly rediscovered mast and boat pieces belonged to the boat in the foreground, meant for King Tut’s afterlife. Image Credit: Luxor Museum Howard Carter packed the… Seguir leyendo

How much does the Milky Way weigh? Astronomers reveal surprising results

Astronomers from NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) have been able to determine that the Milky Way weighs about 1.5 Trillion solar masses and has a radius of 129,000 light years from the galactic center. The recently obtained numbers are far more concrete than those that until now were handled. Previously, astronomers believed that the Milky Way’s weight ranged between 500 billion to 3 trillion Solar Masses. In 2016, measurements revealed a more accurate… Seguir leyendo

110  Pages of a never-before-seen manuscript written by Albert Einstein Found

In March, we celebrate what would have been Albert Einstein’s 140th birthday. And as we honor one of humanity’s greatest scientific minds, a collection of more than 100 letters written by Einstein have been recently gifted to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HU), of which Einstein was a founding member. The recently revealed documents feature original manuscript pages and include some that have never-before-seen. They also feature personal letters that introduce us to Einstein and… Seguir leyendo

New Evidence Reveals Elusive Planet X is Much Closer to Earth Than Previously Believed

It has been three years since researchers from Caltech proposed our solar system is missing a Super Earth, orbiting our sun at mammoth distances of up to 800 astronomical units. “Our new efforts, both theoretical and numerical, suggest that in the original paper we over-estimated the parameters of Planet Nine,” Konstantin Batygin from Caltech explained. Image Credit: James Tuttle Keane/Caltech. Since the existence of the hypothetical planet has been announced, astronomers around the world searched… Seguir leyendo

There’s officially a new moon in our solar system

The new moon, which has been named after a sea creature from classical mythology, has a diameter of about 34 kilometers, and it orbits Neptune. Although the moon wasn’t recently discovered (it was actually spotted in 2013), only now have researchers revised data and officially named and classified it as a new moon. In the summer of 2013, astronomer Mark Showalter was studying images snapped by the Hubble Space Telescope in the space near Neptune.… Seguir leyendo

Scientists Discover Earth’s Earliest ‘Mobile’ Organisms Existed 2.1 Billion Years Ago

Another history-changing discovery has been made by scientists. © A. El Albani / IC2MP / CNRS-Université de Poitiers Researchers have uncovered evidence of ‘moving organisms’ on Earth dating back staggering 2.1 billion years. The sensational discovery was made in 2.1-billion-year-old black shale from a quarry in Gabon. (Curiously, Gabon is also home to a 2-Billion-Year-Old Natural Nuclear Reactor, the only one on Earth discovered to date). As explained by researchers, the traces embedded… Seguir leyendo

This is the entirely new species of dinosaurs that are exciting scientists

Another sensational discovery has been made by paleontologists from Argentina who have come across the fossilized remains of a new species of Dinosaurs. A researcher from CONICET posing with the replica of the new Dinosaur. Image Credit: CONICET. Fossils of a new species of sauropod, characterized by long spines bent forward in its neck, have been identified in Argentine Patagonia by paleontologists. Called the Bajadasaurus Pronuspinax, its name that comes from the region it was… Seguir leyendo

Researchers Find The Remnants Of A Lost Ancient Metropolis In Africa

The remnants of a lost ancient city have been discovered by archaeologists in the outskirts of the city of Johannesburg in South Africa. What was once considered nothing more than scattered stone huts, have turned out to be the last surviving evidence of an ancient metropolis — lost in time. The region, covered in dense vegetation doesn’t allow for the eye to see much. And it has been reported that after several decades of studies,… Seguir leyendo

Something Mysterious Is Happening With Earth’s Magnetic North Pole

Something odd is happening at ‘the top of the world.’According to a recent study, Earth’s Magnetic North Pole has been moving away from Canada towards Siberia, driven mysteriously by the liquid iron that extends into the core of the planet. As noted by scientists, since 2014, the core field has varied in a currently unpredictable manner. Studying the Magnetic North Pole and understanding its variation is of great importance.That’s why scientists will soon meet… Seguir leyendo

UFO Hunter Spots Odd “Alien Structure” In The Middle Of A Lunar Crater

Earth’s moon is a fascinating place that has barely been explored. In fact, we know so little about the moon that we aren’t really sure as to how exactly it formed when it formed, and a plethora of other questions remain unanswered. I’ve written about some of the peculiarities of the moon in previous articles where I described how the earth’s faithful companion has remained a fascinating astronomical object for millennia.To understand just how… Seguir leyendo

How Subtle Climate Change Wiped Out The Prehistoric ‘Siberian Unicorn’

Unicorns have been depicted as graceful creatures, resembling horses. Except of course, for that fabled horn. And, in a sense, they did exist but they didn’t look anything like that mythical creature of the Middle Ages. Elasmotherium, an ancient rhinoceros, is one such beast. But it’s a “unicorn” that’s perhaps suffered a few smacks from the ugly stick. At 9,000-lbs, this massive creature lived alongside our distant ancestors. And no, it didn’t look like the… Seguir leyendo

Rare, 9,000-Year-Old Stone Mask Used In Ancient Rituals Discovered By Archaeologists

A strange-looking, ancient stone mas has been discovered by Israeli Archaeologists. Image Credit: Clara Amit, Israel Antiquities Authority Experts say that the mysterious stone mas, which dates back some 9,000 years, was most likely used by Neolithic people in long-lost rituals, aimed to protect a family’s prosperity. The mask, which resembles a humanoid face was discovered in a field at the Jewish settlement of Pnei Hever in the West Bank. The West Bank is a… Seguir leyendo

Massive 3,000-Year-Old Tomb Discovered In Ancient Egypt Reveals Fascinating Artifacts

In Brief: Another grandiose discovery has been made in Egypt. Archaeologists have discovered an ancient Egyptian tomb dating back thousands of years. Home to a number of well-preserved mummies, the tomb located in Luxor was also filled with intricately painted was, as well as a number of ancient statues known as Ushabti. Image Credit: AFP A tomb, sarcophagi and various funerary objects have recently been discovered in a necropolis in Luxor, Egypt, in the south… Seguir leyendo

Scientists Find Our Sun’s Identical Twin — And It May Have Earth 2.0 Orbiting It

The idea that our sun has a nearly identical twin somewhere in the universe has long been suggested by experts. Image Credit: ipicgr / Pixabay. CC0 Creative Commons Until now, that idea remained just another cosmic theory. Now, an international team of scientists seems to have discovered our Sun’s identical twin, both by age and chemical composition.  And the researchers emphasize that it is not a simple brother, but a solar twin. Even more interesting… Seguir leyendo

Paranormal Pornstars Investigate Ghosts And Debunk Themselves (Video)

Things have been going bump in the night at their new studio in the U.K., so several pornstars have formed a group to the study the paranormal. And in a new online series, they are on the hunt for ghosts, MirrorOnline reports. And even though no scripts or sex toys are being used, porn stars Lee Green, his brother Mitch, Tindra Frost and Hayley B seem to be having quite the romp. And the name… Seguir leyendo

UFO Appears Over Buenos Aires During Morning Weather Forecast (Video)

The truth is out there. Or at least so they say. A new UFO sighting has just been reported in Argentina. An alleged UFO apparently ‘crashed’ a morning weather forecast, which was being broadcasted live on Argentina’s News C5n.While the hosts of a News C5n woke the viewers in a new broadcast of ‘Mañanas Argentina’s’, a strange and luminous object crossed the screen as the TV hosts were left baffled by the object. C5n’s… Seguir leyendo

Mystery X37B Unmanned NASA Space Plane 400 Days In Orbit And Counting

There’s a mysterious secret space plane called the X-37B which has been orbiting our planet for 400 days in its secretive mission. Photo by: U.S. Air Force The secretive spacecraft’s latest trip, the Orbital Test Vehicle-5 (OTV-5), started on September 7th, 2017. The mystery spacecraft was launched on board one of Elon Musk’s SpaceX Falcon 9 Rockets, from NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. Its current mission, as well all earlier missions remain a profound… Seguir leyendo

Ancient City That Predates The Pyramids And The First Pharaoh Found In Egypt

A 7,000-year-old city, predating both the Pharaohs and Pyramids has been discovered in Egypt. A group of French and Egyptian archaeologists has made another surprising discovery in Egypt, as they have excavated the remains of one of the oldest settlements in the world, dating back to the Neolithic period. The Ministry of Antiquities also announced that this finding “offers a unique opportunity to shed light on the prehistoric communities that lived in the Nile Delta… Seguir leyendo

Researchers Unearth ‘Ancient Mask’ of King Pakal—The So-Called Palenque Astronaut

King Pakal has been referred to as “the astronaut of Palenque”, mostly because of the engraving that has been found on the slab of his sarcophagus, which many authors claim is the representation of a man inside of a spaceship. The mask unearthed in Palenque is believed to be the first ever relic found that depicts the mighty ruler, Pakal “El Grande.” K’inich Janaab Pakal I—commonly referred to as Pacal, or Pacal the Great was… Seguir leyendo

Ancient Roman Mega Villa—Bigger Than the Taj Mahal Discovered in the UK

A massive ancient Roman villa has been discovered in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. The massive villa, say experts, is packed with countless trophies as well as coins and boar tusks, as well as a sarcophagus of the skeletal remains of a yet unnamed woman. The Roman villa was unearthed by archeologists beneath a field in Oxfordshire after the Villa was found by amateur detectorist and historian Keith Westcott, neat Broughton Castle. Experts say that the villa… Seguir leyendo

A Lost City, And One Of The Largest Pyramids On The Planet Unearthed In China

One Of The Largest Pyramids On Earth And a Lost City Have Been Unearthed In China. A sensational discovery has been made in China. Archeologists have unearthed a 4,500-year-old city which is home to a step pyramid that is around 70 meters high and spans staggering 60 acres at its base. The discovery has been reported in the Journal Antiquity. The Pyramid, say, experts, was decorated with a number of curious symbols; it featured eye… Seguir leyendo

Aerial Images Reveal How Britain’s Heatwave Has Exposed More Than 1,500 Lost Ancient Monuments

Around 1,500 hidden archaeological sites across the UK landscape have been rediscovered say, experts, from prehistoric ‘cursus’ monuments, laid out more than 5,000 years ago, to the outline of a long-demolished Tudor hall, and lost ancient settlements.Weeks of unprecedented summer heat and drought have revealed evidence of around 1,5000 long-lost archaeological sites across the UK—helping experts discovered from prehistoric ‘cursus’ monuments laid out more than 5,000 years ago, to traces of long-lost walls and… Seguir leyendo

Ciudad Perdida—The Lost City of Colombia, Built 650 Years Before Machu Picchu

Among all lost cities that have been mentioned in ancient myths, legends and texts, there is one, in particular, a few have heard of. Located in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada, ‘La Ciudad Perdida’ (Spanish for Lost City) is believed to have been constructed around 800CE, predating the popular city of Machu Picchu by around 650 years. The city is composed of more than 160 terraces carved into the mountainside. The ‘Lost City’ is hidden at more… Seguir leyendo

Here Are 11 of the Most Powerful Ancient Weapons Mentioned in the Mahabharata

The Mahabharata is the longest epic poem known and has been described as “the longest poem ever written.” Its most extended version is made up of over 100,000 śloka or over 200,000 individual verse lines (each shloka is a couplet), and long prose passages. The Mahabharata contains around 1.8 million words in total, meaning that it is roughly ten times the length of the Iliad and the Odyssey combined or about four times the length… Seguir leyendo

‘Priceless’ 2,800-year-old Ancient Treasure Found In The Mountains Of Kazakhstan

The recently found treasure trove has been described as priceless by the team of archaeologists that made the discovery. A stunning discovery has been made in the mountains of Kazakhstan. Researchers have uncovered around 3,000 gold and precious-metal objects in a remote burial mount, hidden deep within the remote Tarbagatai mountains in Kazakhstan, local media reported. Archaeologists described the treasure trove as ‘priceless’ Image Credit: East-Kazakhstan region/east2west It is believed that “incalculable” treasure belonged to… Seguir leyendo

Scientists Find the Great Pyramid of Giza Focuses Electromagnetic Energy

Another fascinating discovery has been made by scientists in the Great Pyramid of Giza. More evidence has been found that the Great Pyramid of Giza, one of the most astonishing ancient structures on the surface—though to be a tomb—was not a resting place for a pharaoh. A team of German and Russian researchers has discovered that the Great Pyramid of Giza, focuses electromagnetic energy in its chambers and concentrates the electromagnetic energy in its lower… Seguir leyendo

Lost Ancient Languages Have Been Discovered in One of the World’s Oldest Ancient Libraries

According to researchers, lost languages have been rediscovered in one of our planet’s oldest continuously used ancient libraries, located in Egypt.Located deep within Mount Sinai in Egypt lies the Saint Catherine’s Monastery, a sacred Christian site, home to one of our planets oldest continuously used libraries where thousands of ancient manuscripts, texts and books are hidden. “I don’t know of any library in the world that parallels it. The monastery is an institution… Seguir leyendo

S02 E01 Ancient Aliens: Mysterious Places

Millions of people around the world believe we have been visited in the past by extraterrestrial beings. What if it were true? Did ancient aliens really help to shape our history? And if so, what might happen when they return? MARTELL: Through Einstein’s principles of being able to bend space using a gravitational pull, it’s very possible that extraterrestrial craft could somehow get a higher charge of energy from these locations, like the Bermuda TriangleSeguir leyendo