El mito del capitalismo estadounidense expuesto: la competencia se está muriendo a medida que las grandes corporaciones se engullan todo

The Myth Of American Capitalism Exposed: Competition Is Dying As The Biggest Corporations Gobble Up EverythingLa competencia vibrante es absolutamente esencial para que un sistema económico capitalista funcione de manera efectiva. Desafortunadamente, en los Estados Unidos hoy estamos presenciando la muerte de la competencia en una industria tras otra a medida que las corporaciones más grandes se engullan cada vez más a todos sus competidores. John D. Rockefeller dijo la famosa frase, una vez… Seguir leyendo

Diana Pasulka, de «American Cosmic»: sobre productoras de televisión y UAP

Diana Pasulka, de «American Cosmic»: sobre productoras de televisión y UAP Por Keith BasterfieldRecrudecimientoRecientemente, ha habido un aumento en los programas de la televisión de los EE.UU. y de otros países, con temas de UAP (fenómenos aéreos inusuales). La publicidad previa nos dice que hay más en camino. Parece que muchas compañías de producción de televisión están aprovechando la oportunidad brindada por un interés renovado en el tema entre el público en general.… Seguir leyendo

Scientists could bring back the dinosaurs in as little as a couple of years

American paleontologist, Dr. Jack Horner, 72, was the inspiration for the character of Dr. Alan Grant in the first Jurassic Park movie. Director Steven Spielberg asked him to be a consultant and he excitedly agreed. Five movies later, the premise of the movies is closer to becoming a reality. Living breathing dinosaurs could be running around in a lab before we know it. Who knows. Maybe they already are. Horner predicted that the concept depicted… Seguir leyendo

Cocaine mummies challenge everything we know about US history

From the Vikings to the Chinese, American history has proven to be much different from what schools taught us growing up. In fact, over the last decade, science contradicted itself almost daily. Recently, various studies and new clues show us that Egyptians had at least some kind of contact with the Americas – the “New World” – as early as 1,000 Before Common Era (BCE), according to Ancient Origins. How do we know this?… Seguir leyendo

John Wilkes Booth Co-Conspirators And Their Secret Plot

On April 14th, 1865, the Ford Theater held a performance of Our American Cousin. The play had gained acclaim since its debut on the stage a little over half a year prior to its Ford Theater performance. It featured a cast full of talented actors, gaining acclaim as word of its quality, entertainment, and sensational wit promoted continued success. Numerous critics lauded the play, bringing attention to it on a national scale. It was… Seguir leyendo

Cosmic American: una entrevista con la Prof. Diana Walsh Pasulka

Cosmic American: una entrevista con la Prof. Diana Walsh Pasulka por Robbie GrahamLa profesora Diana Walsh Pasulka, autora de ‘American Cosmic: UFOs, Religion, Technology’ (Oxford University Press, 2019).Diana Walsh Pasulka es profesora de estudios religiosos en la Universidad de Carolina del Norte, Wilmington, y presidenta del Departamento de Filosofía y Religión. Su investigación se centra en la religión y la tecnología, incluidas las creencias sobrenaturales y sus conexiones con las tecnologías y entornos… Seguir leyendo

S02 E04 Ancient Aliens: Underground Aliens

A temple of the dead in the Yucatán… an underground city in Turkey, and a South American cave said to contain a treasure from beyond the stars. For centuries, people have told tales of caves and tunnels deep inside the Earth. Subterranean passageways that lead to lands of gods and monsters. But is there a surprising truth behind these legends? I have stood in front of drawings on the rocks and wondered, “am I looking… Seguir leyendo