Bugatti’s new 1600hp, $8.8 million Centodieci

Bugatti chose today’s Quail Motorsports Gathering at Monterey Car Week to take the wraps off its latest hypercar, the Centodieci.The Centodieci pays homage to the Bugatti EB110 built in the 1990s. «With the Centodieci, we pay homage to the EB110 super sports car which was built in the 1990s and is very much a part of our tradition-steeped history,» says Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti. «With the EB110, Bugatti catapulted itself to the top… Seguir leyendo

Llamamiento para participar en ambicioso proyecto de digitalización de Europa Desvelada la anatomía…

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on UnsplashLa Cumbre Digital de Tallin de septiembre de 2017 y las Conclusiones del Consejo Europeo de 19 de octubre de 2017 subrayaron la necesidad de que Europa invierta en la digitalización de nuestras economías y aborde el déficit de capacidades para mantener y mejorar la competitividad europea, nuestra calidad de vida y tejido social. El Consejo Europeo concluyó que la transformación digital ofrece inmensas oportunidades para la innovación, el… Seguir leyendo

July 2019 was the hottest month on record, says new NOAA report

July 2019 has been found to be the hottest month ever recorded, which is news that won’t surprise anybody who sweated through the heat wave that gripped Europe, North America and indeed much of the Northern Hemisphere this summer. This continues a long-running upwards trend, with the first six months of the year tied for second hottest and sea ice at an all-time low at both poles.The latest monthly report from the National Oceanic… Seguir leyendo

Light, flexible panel burns the rule book on where PV can be installed

The Australian National Maritime Museum has installed the country’s largest lightweight solar panel roof on its Wharf 7 Heritage Centre in Sydney’s Darling Harbor. By using flexible, glass-free solar panels designed by Dr. Zhengrong Shi of SunMan Energy, buildings which previously were considered unsuitable for solar panels can now take part in the renewable energy revolution.Dr. Shi’s flexible and lightweight solar panel design, called eArche, opens up a whole new marketplace which the traditional… Seguir leyendo

Arctic snowfall found to carry tiny fragments of plastic

One particularly disconcerting consequence of our huge plastic pollution problem is that we really have no idea where the stuff can end up. The latest locale to surprise scientists looking into such matters is the Arctic Circle, who say that snow falling on this frigid, remote part of the world is bringing tiny fragments of plastic along for the ride.Sea water, drinking water, human stool and the bellies of sea turtles are just… Seguir leyendo

Acura moves to resurrect its performance sub-brand with new Type S Concept

Acura will be hitting The Quail this weekend with a concept designed to re-ignite some of the brand’s performance sedan credentials. The snazzy Type S Concept paves the way for an upcoming souped-up TLS Type S.Honda’s high-end spinoff is ready to start injecting a bit of excitement back into its mid-range sports and performance sedans, its new concept recalling the popular Type S versions of cars like the TL that made waves in the… Seguir leyendo

Ebola virus is no longer incurable, Congo trial reports over 90 percent success

A randomized clinical trial taking place in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has been terminated early due to the extraordinary success of two drugs being investigated to treat the Ebola virus. Four new treatments were being tested in the trial, but two have displayed incredible survival rates, especially if given at the earliest stages of infection.The ongoing Ebola epidemic in Central Africa is the second worst outbreak of the virus in human history.… Seguir leyendo

Video: Chris Birch puts your boring life in context aboard KTM 790 Adventure R Rally

Adventure motorcycles appeal to the spark of the swashbuckling cross-continental wanderer in all of us. They make us feel like we can take a week off from the day job, throw a few pairs of jocks in a backpack and disappear into the wilderness, the topography as our undulating playground, our knobby tires dancing over riverbeds, rocks, desert sands and grassy fields.We would fly through the air, you and I, wind whipping our dust… Seguir leyendo

Incredible Stanford study discovers thousands of novel proteins produced by human microbiome

A remarkable new study from scientists at Stanford University has revealed thousands of previously undiscovered small proteins produced by bacteria in the human microbiome. Almost all of these newly described proteins serve unknown functions in the human body and the researchers suggest their discovery opens up a new frontier for future therapeutic drug development.«It’s critically important to understand the interface between human cells and the microbiome,» explains Ami Bhatt, senior author on the recently… Seguir leyendo

Sixth-generation fighters and the future of air supremacy

The world of aerospace is full of buzzwords and phrases and one that’s been getting a lot of attention in military aircraft circles is «sixth-generation fighters.» Rather than an F-35 or a Typhoon with new trim and chrome hubcaps, these emerging combat aircraft are set to represent a real sea change in tactics and, perhaps, strategy in the middle of the 21st century. But what exactly is the sixth gen? Let’s take a look.The… Seguir leyendo

Desvelada la anatomía de una gaviota cósmica Europa Digital reforzará las capacidades estratégicas…

La nebulosa de La Gaviota.ESO/VPHAS+ team/N.J. Wright (Keele University).La nebulosa de La Gaviota  es un complejo de nubes de gas y polvo con estrellas jóvenes y brillantes que se extiende más de 100 años luz a una distancia estimada de 3.700 años luz. Se llama así por su parecido con una gaviota en pleno vuelo. Compuesta de polvo, hidrógeno, helio y trazas de elementos más pesados, esta región es la cuna caliente y energética… Seguir leyendo

Did dark matter arise before the Big Bang?

Few things are as mysterious as dark matter, the strange substance that appears to outnumber ordinary matter by a ratio of five to one. Now, a physicist from Johns Hopkins University has outlined a new theory that helps to explain the stuff but at the same time makes it seem even more bizarre. According to the study, dark matter may have originated before the Big Bang.Today the universe is expanding, with everything rushing away… Seguir leyendo

Pershing 140 superyacht shoots for high-speed thrills and on-water leisure

Pershing has been in the business of building luxury boats for decades, but the latest vessel to emerge from the Italian shipyard carries a particular shine. The Pershing 140 is the brand’s first boat made from aluminum and its first foray into the world of superyachts, boasting 140-feet of on-water luxury, built atop a hull designed for high-speed thrills whenever the opportunity arises.The new Pershing 140 is the brand’s new flagship yacht, with its… Seguir leyendo

Europa Digital reforzará las capacidades estratégicas de la UE España ocupa el puesto 11 en índice…

Los actores mundiales están inyectando grandes cantidades de capital público para impulsar su competitividad, modernizar su sector público y proteger su sociedad y economía.  Al mismo tiempo la Comisión Europea ha lanzado una consulta pública sobre el programa Europa Digital, tal como informamos en otro artículo, con la finalidad de mejorar la competitividad de la UE en la economía digital global y aumentar su autonomía tecnológica. El objetivo de esta consulta es conocer las… Seguir leyendo

50 fascinating cars going to auction in Monterey

Monterey Car Week is almost upon us, and the busiest week for the collectible car world will see more than a dozen major events, two of the most prestigious concours d’elegance on the world calendar (Pebble Beach and The Quail), the most important vintage racing event in America, and six major auction houses holding 13 auctions sessions over a 60-hour time-frame.In addition to more than 40 cars that might sell for more than a Seguir leyendo

Audi takes a one-handed approach to last mile e-scooting

There are many electric kickscooters to buy or hire and, with a few notable exceptions such as the Uno Bolt Mini and the CityRabbit, they pretty much all follow the same basic design blueprint. They have two wheels, a deck that’s home to a battery bank, a rear hub motor and a T-shaped handlebar column. Audi’s new e-tron Scooter is a little different, sporting four wheels and a one hand-friendly triangular steering handle.Audi’s… Seguir leyendo

España ocupa el puesto 11 en índice de digitalización europea En el 2025, la escuela es un espacio…

Elaboración propia sobre datos de la Comisión Europea (2019)El Índice de Economía y Sociedad Digital (DESI) es un índice compuesto que resume indicadores relevantes sobre el rendimiento digital de Europa y rastrea la evolución de los estados miembros de la UE en competitividad digital. Permite una mejor comprensión de la situación europea, así como de los retos que se debaten en Bruselas sobre cuestiones de digitalización de la sociedad y cómo cada uno de… Seguir leyendo

Scientists demonstrate a new nano-vaccine preventing the spread of melanoma

A new nano-vaccine is showing promising results in treating skin cancer in mouse models. Developed by scientists at Tel Aviv University, the prospective vaccine encases two experimental new cancer drugs inside a tiny nanoparticle, with initial experiments revealing the therapy can both stimulate the immune system to kill melanoma, and act as a preventative vaccine stopping the cancer from developing in the first place.«The war against cancer in general, and melanoma in particular, has… Seguir leyendo

En el 2025, la escuela es un espacio abierto a la realidad Descubren otra posible Tierra a 31 años…

En la cabeza de Luis Alfonso Ruiz, experto en EdTraining, la educación del futuro es un enorme puzle compuesto por numerosas piezas, que de alguna manera van encajando gracias  a elementos como el talento, el conocimiento y la tecnología. En su cabeza, cada pieza del puzle es cada día más clara, aunque determinadas aristas impiden el encaje perfecto.  ¿O somos nosotros los que dificultamos el encaje de las piezas? Hablamos con Luis Alfonso Ruiz, edTrainer… Seguir leyendo

Monterey Car Week Auction Preview: The top 40 most valuable cars

The global collectible car auction marketplace has had its ups and downs in the last decade, with massive growth and then a slowdown most likely due to the participating audience of buyers undergoing generational change.Ultimately, the value of any objet d’art is determined by the number of people who want that object, how much money they are prepared to spend, and how important it is to the tribal group that worships at that particular… Seguir leyendo

Descubren otra posible Tierra a 31 años luz de nuestro planeta Identificadas las claves para la…

Simulación del sistema planetario descubierto alrededor de la estrella GJ 357. Crédito: Carl Sagan Institute/Jack Madden.Un equipo de astrónomos, liderado por investigadores del Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, ha hallado tres nuevos planetas orbitando una estrella, uno de los cuales podría tener condiciones favorables para la vida. El descubrimiento ha sido posible gracias a la misión TESS de la NASA y a datos obtenidos por varios observatorios terrestres, entre ellos el de Calar Alto… Seguir leyendo

Shed of the Year shortlist highlights hobbyist ingenuity

The shortlist for the 2019 Cuprinol Shed of the Year competition has been announced. A total of 21 superb sheds made the cut this year and highlights include a handcrafted retreat inspired by a log cabin, a converted army truck with a shed atop, and a space-themed tourer.For those unfamiliar with the UK shedding scene, we’ve made the comparison to the US tiny house movement in the past and this still stands, though these… Seguir leyendo

Robot MD: How artificial intelligence promises to revolutionize medical diagnosis

When it comes to medical ailments and their diagnosis, time is absolutely of the essence. The sooner we’re aware of a developing condition, the better chance we have of treating and ultimately overcoming it. Lately we’re seeing how artificial intelligence is poised to play a greater and greater role in detecting tell-tale signs of disease long before doctors can, with potentially life-saving ramifications.In terms of machines outperforming humans that excel in certain fields, artificial… Seguir leyendo

World’s first international cable car planned to link Russia and China

Following an international architecture competition, UN Studio has been selected to design a new cable car terminal in Russia. Assuming all goes to plan, the project, described as the world’s first cross-border cable car by the firm, will link with a counterpart in China and provide swift travel between the two countries.The Blagoveshchensk Cable Car Terminal, which also involves Strelka KB, will be located next to the Amur River which flows between the Russian… Seguir leyendo

Lightsail 2 makes history by using sunlight to propel itself onto a new orbital path

It appears to be all smooth sailing for The Planetary Society’s LightSail 2, with the history-making CubeSat now propelling itself through space on sunlight alone. The nonprofit announced today that after unfurling its solar sail last week, the tiny spacecraft has successfully leveraged photons from the Sun to shift its trajectory in Earth orbit, a landmark moment in the history of space exploration.The idea that sunlight exerts pressure on objects and could therefore,… Seguir leyendo

Identificadas las claves para la supervivencia de los insectos ¿Ganar dinero mientras aprendes?…

Figura 1. Representantes del orden Odonata. A. Caballito del diablo (suborden Zygoptera). B. Libélula (suborden Anisoptera). Fotos: Catalina Suárez Tovar.En la actualidad, las tasas de extinción se han acelerado de una manera inusualmente alta y rápida por culpa de nuestra manera de vivir desenfrenada, que afecta diferentes grupos biológicos. Uno de estos grupos son los insectos. Este fenómeno ha alarmado tanto a científicos como público en general, por sus probables consecuencias ecológicas, que podrían… Seguir leyendo

¿Ganar dinero mientras aprendes? Tutellus genera la disrupción en EdTech Consiguen escuchar los…

Miguel Caballero, CEO de Tutellus (autor)El nuevo, lanzado en 2019, pretende generar la disrupción en el sector de EdTech, descentralizando la gobernanza del aprendizaje y así llegar a 100 millones de personas en 5 años. Ello podría transformar la industria de EdTech, utilizando el protocolo TUT para que cualquier empresa pueda “tokenizar” sus activos. ofrece nuevas soluciones a un proceso que para los estudiantes suele ser difícil y costoso, y cuyos beneficios… Seguir leyendo

Lexus GXOR Concept takes deep luxury deep off-road

The Lexus GX isn’t the first vehicle you think of when «off-road» or «overlanding» come to mind, but as a gussied up Toyota Land Cruiser Prado with full-time four-wheel drive, body-on-frame construction and Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System, it has no need to be shy in the dirt. Add to that all the cabin comfort of a true Lexus, and you have a vehicle that’s comfortable for the long haul, whether driving on-road, off-road or on… Seguir leyendo

Consiguen escuchar los susurros cuánticos de los átomos La Comisión Europea lanza una consulta…

Impresión artística de una serie de resonadores nanomecánicos diseñados para generar y atrapar partículas de sonido o fonones. Los movimientos mecánicos de los fonones atrapados son detectados por un detector cúbit, que cambia su frecuencia dependiendo del número de fonones en un resonador. Los diferentes fonones son visibles como picos distintos en el espectro cúbit, que se muestra esquemáticamente detrás de los resonadores. Crédito de la imagen: Wentao Jiang.Físicos de la Universidad de Stanford… Seguir leyendo

La Comisión Europea lanza una consulta pública sobre el programa Europa Digital La deshonestidad…

Alineándose con objetivos de sostenibilidad, el objetivo del Programa Europa Digital es mejorar la competitividad de la UE en la economía digital global y aumentar su autonomía tecnológica, desarrollando habilidades, experimentando con nuevas tecnologías digitales y desplegándolas para asegurar que la sociedad y las empresas se beneficien de su potencial. El programa propuesto supone una gran oportunidad de inversión en desarrollo digital que los estados miembros no pueden desarrollar por sí mismos. Con el objetivo… Seguir leyendo