2,000-Year-Old Ancient Egyptian Underground Mummification Temple Discovered

Experts have found 35 Mummies and a 2,000-Year-Old abandoned Mummification Temple In Egypt. The new discovery leaves the secrets of the ancient Egyptian mummification in the open, offering unprecedented details not only about the mummification process but the oils used by the ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago to mummify their deceased. Egyptian archaeologists have confirmed they’ve discovered an ancient Egyptian cemetery and a mummification temple located thirty meters below the surface near the necropolis… Seguir leyendo

Severe Drought Reveals Massive Ancient Monument That Predates The Pyramids And Stonehenge in Ireland

Severe Drought Reveals Massive Ancient Monument in Ireland As severe droughts swipe across Britain, new aerial images of a crop field in Ireland have revealed what appears to be a gigantic monument similar to Stonehenge,  reports the Irish Times. June of 2018 was one of the top five warmest Junes across the UK, according to the UK Met Office, dating back to 1910. Aerial images taken this week from a drone reveal the presence of… Seguir leyendo

S01 E03 Ancient Aliens: The Mission

For centuries mankind believed that life only existed here on Earth, but today many scientists agree that we are not alone. Practically every human civilization that has ever existed tells us we are not alone in the cosmos. A long, long time ago, extraterrestrials came here, and through a targeted mutation of our genes, we became human. We have, in theory, a worldwide civilization that has extraterrestrials interacting with it, and human beings, as we… Seguir leyendo

Here Are 11 Of The Oldest Cities Ever Built On Earth

When you think about the oldest settlements and cities on Earth, a few of us are aware of the fact that some of these cities date back to times before history was even written. Depending on the definition of a city, we can discuss a number of ancient settlements that could rightfully compete for the title of the oldest city on Earth. If we take a look what textbooks have to say, a city is… Seguir leyendo

Ancient Aliens: The Visitors – Part 2

Read Part One of Ancient Aliens: The Visitors Here. In New Mexico lies the Pueblo of Zuni. Sheltered from the desolate high plains, this adobe city is home to the Zuni Indians, one of the oldest indigenous tribes in North America. They have inhabited this land for almost 2,000 years, and have protected their secrets even longer. CHRIS O’BRIEN: The Zuni are a very interesting culture in that they’re one of the few cultures… Seguir leyendo

Ancient Aliens: The Visitors – Part 1

Reports of UFO sightings come from all corners of the globe. “I was taken onboard a ufo in the Mojave Desert and given I saw two great big, really bright lights hanging up in the air…” Most believe these alien encounters are a modern phenomenon, but the fact is they have been reported for thousands of years. MICHAEL CREMO: Practically every human civilization have been in touch with extraterrestrial beings. GIORGIO TSOUKALOS: In India, Israel.… Seguir leyendo

The Lost City of Z, and its Mysterious Connection to the Mighty Atlanteans

There are a number of ancient cities—considered myths by most authors—that some believe existed before written history, in different places on Earth. The Lost City of Z, just like Atlantis is one such mysterious place. The most famous person to ever search for this lost city was a man called Percy Harrison Fawcett a renowned explorer who tried discovering the long-lost city thought to remain hidden somewhere in the Amazon jungle. According to myths and… Seguir leyendo

Ancient Tools Discovered In China Rewrite Mankind’s History

Ancient tools and bones discovered in China by a group of archaeologists indicate that the first humans left Africa and arrived in Asia sooner than previously thought. This discovery implies that hominins left Africa earlier than indicated by the evidence from Dmanisi. The discovery illustrates how our ancestors colonized East Asia more than two million years ago, effectively rewriting history as we know it. The archaeological evidence was discovered at Shangchen, on the south Loess… Seguir leyendo

Hyperborea: Atlantis’ Rival, Land to the North, and the Homeplace of the Gods

Our planet is filled with incredible stories, myths, and legends about incredible civilizations and cultures that inhabited Earth tens of thousands of years ago, before written history. Among all these fascinating legends, including Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, and Shambala among others, there is one especially suggestive for which the ancient Greek historians were interested. It was the so-called land of Hyperborea, which was said to rival the mythical Atlantis. A place in which, according to the… Seguir leyendo

Two-Headed Mummy of Ancient Egyptian Princess And a Crocodile Revealed For The First Time In Public

The mummy had remained in the shadows away from the public for more than a century. The two-headed mummy is composed of the remains of an unidentified ancient Egyptian princess and a crocodile.  An ancient Egyptian mummy with two heads – one belonging to a girl and the other head to a crocodile – was photographed for the first time after having been removed from the public’s eyes for more than a century, reports Hurriyet Seguir leyendo

How the ‘Gods’ Created Mankind, According to Norse Mythology

Ask and Embla, in Norse mythology, were the first two human beings created by the gods, analogous to Adam and Eve. The Norse creation myth or cosmogony is considered as one of the richest of such accounts in all of world literature. And while today we aren’t discussing the myth behind the creation of the Cosmos but how the Norse Gods created mankind, it is noteworthy to mention that the creation of the cosmos according… Seguir leyendo

The Dogon Tribe, The Nommo, and Their Fascinating Cosmic Knowledge 

Deep in northwest Africa—more precisely in Mali—we find one of the oldest and most fascinating ancient cultures to ever develop on Earth. The ancient Dogon tribe are known for their religious traditions, their ritual dances, their massive ritual masks, their wooden sculptures and their architecture. However, they are also known for their incredible astronomical knowledge and their fascinating mythological accounts. Sirius and Dogon, a mystic connection The Dogon have a compelling ancient tradition. They mention… Seguir leyendo

50 Images of Ancient Megaliths And Perfectly Shaped Stones That Defy Logic

It is not a mystery that thousands of years ago, ancient cultures around the globe had the ability to somehow move supermassive blocks of stone with extreme facility. Despite lacking ‘modern tools’ to do so, it is a well-known historic fact that cultures had the ability to move rocks of up to 1,000 tons, and transport them from their quarries to their final resting places, in temples, pyramids, and other monuments. And while we still… Seguir leyendo

The Bible, Flying Machines, And How Enoch And Prophet Elijah Were ‘Taken To The Heavens’

When you read texts written thousands of years ago and find them mentioning flying chariots, fire, smoke, and mysterious beings, you can’t help and wonder whether or not the ancients were actually speaking about alien visitations. Authors who are usually convinced there’s evidence of alien visitation written down in important works of literature such as the Bible argue that history is transmitted partially, and that important parts of ancient texts have been entirely omitted. In… Seguir leyendo

The Book Of Ezekiel And The Flying Chariot of Fire: Misinterpreted Ancient Alien Technology?

“I looked and saw a whirlwind coming from the north, a great cloud with fire flashing back and forth and brilliant light all around it. In the center of the fire was a glow like amber, and within it was the form of four living creatures. And this was their appearance: They had a human form…” One of the most fascinating accounts of ancient flying machines can be found in a very unexpected place, The… Seguir leyendo

Archaeologists Unearth 8.6-Foot-Long Sarcophagus Buried 2,000 Years Ago In Egypt

A truly massive sarcophagus has been unearthed by experts in Egypt. According to experts who have led the excavation, the granite sarcophagus is 185 centimeters tall (6ft), 265 centimeters long (8.6ft), and 165 centimeters wide ( 5.4 ft.) Considered as the ‘largest’ granite sarcophagus ever discovered in Alexandria, the recently unearthed sarcophagus measures nearly nine feet long, and its discovery took experts by surprise. The granite casket is believed to have been buried more… Seguir leyendo

The Kebra Nagast—King Solomon And The Mystery of Flying Carpets

In Brief: Flying carpets are mentioned in a number of legends. For example, it is said that King Solomon possessed a flying carpet sixty miles long and sixty miles wide, capable of transporting 40,000 men. In other legends, King Phraates II, a Parthian King engaged his enemy while flying on a carpet capable of firing lighting and fire. Legends of Gods and might deities traveling in ancient times across the Earth in powerful flying machines… Seguir leyendo

Here Are 5 Of The Largest Stones Ever Moved By The Ancients

All around the world we find massive stones—weighing more than 1,000 tons—that have been transported, somehow, by ancient civilizations in the past. Without the use of modern technologies, our ancestors achieved the unimaginable, moving massive stones that weigh more than one thousand tons. So, how did they do it? Was it pure manpower? Or is it possible, as some authors suggest, that our ancestors used lost technologies to achieve these incredible feats? If we take… Seguir leyendo

The Mysterious Flattened Mountaintop of Monte Alban, and its Ancient Pyramid City

One of the most unusual and mysterious archaeological site in modern-day Mexico lies on the summit of Monte Alban. The city is believed to have been built sometime around 500 BC, and it features some of the most oddly shaped structures of the ancient world. Archaeologists estimate that no more than 15 percent of the ancient site has been uncovered so far. The city is located on top of an artificially flattened mountaintop, raising numerous… Seguir leyendo

20 Bewildering Facts About The Tibetan Book of The Dead

Not actually a book but a text from a larger corpus of teachings, the Bardo Thodol—Liberation Through Hearing During the Intermediate State— was rediscovered by Karma Lingpa as the Profound Dharma of Self-Liberation through the Intention of the Peaceful and Wrathful Ones. The text is considered as the most famous work of Nyingma literature and is usually referred to (in the west) as the Tibetan Book of the Dead. The text is, in fact, a… Seguir leyendo

Feeding The Gods: Massive Aztec Tower of Human Skulls Reveals Scale of Human Sacrifice

It is well-known that human sacrifice occupied a very important place in the history of Mesoamerican civilizations. However, despite this, experts were not sure to what extent human sacrifice developed within the ancient Aztec culture.  “[Mexica priests] had an extremely impressive anatomical knowledge, which was passed down from generation to generation,” says archaeologist Chávez Balderas, in an article for Science. “All premodern societies make some kind of offering,” said one of the researchers. “And in… Seguir leyendo

The Curious Obsession Of 20th-Century Dictators With Ancient Civilizations

Why did many leaders of ‘modern times’ look back so much at ancient civilizations, their myths and legends? Why were numerous leaders ‘obsessed’ in a way, with the achievements of ancient civilizations? Some of them were deeply convinced that lost powers exist on Earth, hidden away from modern society, and some of these leaders even searched the planet in order to find them.  Many of the great dictators of the twentieth century professed a strange… Seguir leyendo

Declassified CIA Documents Suggest The Nazis Successfully Built UFOs

What exactly are UFOs? We understand the definition as unidentified flying objects. That definition does not mean that UFOs are vehicles from otherworldly civilizations. They are, as their definition describes not identified and could, therefore, be the result of manmade technology. Bear with me for a second and think about Nazi Germany and their extensive search for technology that would give them the upper hand in the war. The technological capacity of Nazi Germany is… Seguir leyendo

Menes: Egypt’s First Pharaoh Who Received The Throne From The God Horus

Menes—he who endures—is believed to have been Egypt’s first mortal Pharaoh, who is credited with unifying Lower and Upper Egypt. Menes’ predecessors where possibly Horus Ka or Horus Scorpion II. It is believed that Menes—aka Narmer—received the throne of Ancient Egypt directly from the God Horus.  According to historical accounts, Menes was the first pharaoh of the first dynasty, with whom the human history of Egypt began; He had been ‘implanted’ directly by the… Seguir leyendo